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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by Cornet Nev., Dec 5, 2007.

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    I hope this is the right place to announce this, if not could a mod move it to where it should be?
    Darwen Brass, a new band now nearly twelve months old, doesn't time fly?.
    We have now launched a website. There is some news, photo's and a few other bits and pieces, but as yet it is still a website under construction (please don't fall down any holes, it is still under construction) and various things are yet to be done.
    If you want a quick peek then have a look here--

    For those with an interest in such things the website is hosted by Spanglefish and is free.
  2. Look's good!
  3. DocFox

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    I loved the photo section. I have never been a big fan of "free websites" and all their ads to pay for them, but you did a nice job of making it look good.

  4. Cornet Nev.

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    Funnily I don't see any ads because I use Firefox with adblock plus. So there is no clutter in the way when doing any admin. on there. More news yet to come soon on there, when I know the true facts and dates.
  5. Cornet Nev.

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    Darwen Brass are pleased to announce they have now launched a new website. It is available for viewing at this address- The old site was one of the free sites available on the net, but was also host to a large amount of advertising that some people found intrusive. The new site is much more appealing to view with easy to understand and navigate controls for the viewer.
    Nev Hounslow.

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