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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by All4Brass, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. All4Brass

    All4Brass Member

    Since the overwhelming response and success of the All4Brass, we have given the website a much needed make over. Hopefully you'll find the new site more attractive and easier to navigate around. We've also added two new sections, the 'Transfers' section and the 'Live Events' section which will be online during contests etc.

    We hope you continue to enjoy visiting us daily and that you for the support and kind comments we have received over the last seven months. Please do continue to get in touch.

    For bands/associations with press releases and transfer news etc, please add us to your mailing list and let us know the latest news for your band at

    Many Thanks,
  2. its_jon

    its_jon Member

    Have you tried looking at the site in different resolutions, browsers and machines ?

    its not quite right on my machine.
    Firefox / Chrome

    My best wishes for the site.
  3. LynneW

    LynneW Member

    Ditto. I find it not so good on Firefox as it was before, but Internet Explorer seems ok. Having said that, the contents of the site are good.
  4. DRW

    DRW New Member

    I'm using IE and there are formatting problems. Text seems very small too.
  5. davethehorny

    davethehorny Member

    Ditto - you really need to get this right so that we can all switch over from the Welsh dominate website!
  6. Blossom

    Blossom Member

    The text is far too small - does not make for easy reading
  7. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    Works fine for me although I find the white on black a bit "loud".
  8. All4Brass

    All4Brass Member

    Thank you very much for all the feedback. We have made a few amendments to the site late last night and this morning that have now been uploaded. Mainly, the text is larger throughout the site and so hopefully should be easier to read.

    We now have it working/formatted on Internet Explorer and Safari, as well as mobile phone browsing (Android and IOS). If those of you who regularly use Chrome & Firefox could let us know if the re-formatting has transferred over to these browsers as well (or made it worse!), we would be very grateful.

    Thank you once again, and please do continue to send your thoughts.
  9. its_jon

    its_jon Member

    Seems Much better on Chrome and Firefox now.
    Still some issues with titles covered up by article content, but much improved.
    If your sticking with a black background, maybe a very light grey text instead of white might help to calm the contrast impact ?

    Overall the new site layout is maturing.

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