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  1. Kerwintootle

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    I have just been sent four emails that have zip files attached. After reading the Brass Band World website this morning I saw that there was a new virus and that people were being sent emails from the brass band world but were in fact viruses. One of the four emails I received was apparently from the Just be careful not to open any emails which have these files attached and that have the subject 'Hi' or 'TEST'. DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS unless you are completely sure that it is legit.


  2. dyl

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  3. mad_female

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    Think we had one earlier.....sender someone I didn't recognise apparently a brass bander subject HI.....attachment in binary form... so I just deleted it.


    Mad_female or Mrs Bagpuss
  4. Roger Thorne

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    It seems that the Brass Band world is being targeted by malicious emails.
    They have got hold of email addresses from Brass Band related websites and are sending bogus emails which purport to have been sent from the Brass Band sites email address. Don't be fooled - the sender isn't the person named on the email. These emails can be identified by the fact that they have a zip file attached. Don't open them if you're at all unsure of their content, just delete.
    As you have probably guessed my email address has been affected and so has Brass Band Worlds. I don't know how many others there are.

  5. NeilW

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  6. Bryan_sop

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    We've had an e-mail from our IT dept and yesterday there were up to 800 infected emails being stopped every hour!
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  8. Okiedokie of Oz

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    Just got it myself.....communications company based in the UK!!!
  9. Accidental

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    Got one during the night from Mailer-daemon... stating my email TO ray@montrealcitadel couldn't be sent because it contained a virus...... thing is, I never sent it in the first place?!
  10. Fishsta

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    What happens is that the virus picks up email addresses from your computer. It could get them from anywhere, your address book if you use Outlook Express, or your Internet History.

    Then it picks one address and sends the virus TO that address, but the email will pretend to be FROM one of the other addresses, so it won't look like you've sent it.

    Of course, if the email fails, the failure report will be sent to the address in the "From" box, which isn't necessarily the address it came from.

    So if you start getting delivery errors, it's just that someone who has your email address on their computer, through whatever means, is infected with the virus, not necessarily you.

    So don't panic.
  11. satchmo shaz

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    yeah I had some yesterday and this morning! I "got" one from Roger! I wondered what it was, !! ludite that I be :wink:
  12. Accidental

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    Thats a relief - thanks!
    I've had six more now, grrrr :evil:
  13. asteria

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    I've had at least 5 of these messages this morning alone. I thought i'd deleted them all but it appears to have spread from my address anyway.

    Looks like the culprit may have a nasty surprise in store though -
  14. SoloBaritone

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    I opened one before I read this but I didn't open the attachment. What will happen now??

    I wondered why Nigel Boddice and loads of other people were emailing me!!

  15. bigcol

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    I got one "from" Peter Graham as well as the others mentioned. So someone or some people associated with the Brass Band world has this virus. Lush!
  16. Moy

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    Yeh I got one the same and deleted it. I do have Norton anti-virus up-to-date software so hope it keeps me safe.
  17. Heather

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    I've got them too!
  18. satchmo shaz

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    they're a blo*dy nuisance I've had about twenty now!! :evil:
  19. Pondasher

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    I received about 40 - 50 of these yesterday (Wednesday) but they were automatically deleted by my virus checker.

    Today, when I opened my O.E. emails the virus checker automatically sent an update and there were no viruses at all.

    On television I see it is called My Doom, and poses a very serious threat to those without an updated virus checker system.

  20. jameshowell

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    Just for the record, this virus is also sent as a BINARY attatchment, claiming to be from a forum and that the email couldnt read it so it has been converted to an attatched binary file. just in case ne1 else gets these and thinks they arent the virus

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