New Virus Alert.

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by impycornet, May 11, 2004.

  1. impycornet

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    To all Band managers/Chairmen

    There is a particularly virilant strain of the annual 'Poaching' virus around at the moment. It seems to be mainly aimed at the under 21's in your band who, due to their age, may not be able to see the bigger picture.

    One severe variant of the virus has been traced to the North West of England.

    We suffered our second attack from this strain this afternoon, but fortunately the target of the attack had a strong enough immune system to deflect the virus.

    Good luck & keep taking the vitamins.

  2. HBB

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    :? :D

    Sounds ominous!
  3. Liz Courts

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    Should I hide? :(
  4. Well Worth It

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    Rob, you funny beggar. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    God Bless Loyalty. That's what I say.
    Let's hope that antibodies will prevail over antidotes.
  5. lynchie

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    I think I'm safe enough... :cry:
  6. timps

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    Sounds very ominous!!!

    Can you expand on your viruses??
  7. Well Worth It

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    It's not hard to work out.
  8. AndyCat

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    I can only see this spreading rapidly in the short term, although I have successfully removed it from my system permanently, personally speaking, and wish not to be asscociated with it's virillent effects!
  9. Cornetto

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  10. eckyboy

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    I hope YBS are looking and now leave me alone :lol:


    I had a very effective cure in mind after a gallon of beer whilst sat in the bar of the Sunnydale Hotel Blackpool, fortunately for the virus, my wife was with me.

    Kind regards,
    Dave Horan
  12. Nuke

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    One Word. Eh?
  13. eckyboy

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    If a member doesnt want to go he/she wont but if he does-why stop him,its a free world after all--not trying to be controversial but if you get the chance to play for a band you like better them whats the harm.
  14. Cornetto

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    Don't worry there won't be any viruses attempting to contact you.
  15. Aidan

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    haha nice thread rob :)
    and even better reply andy :D
  16. Lauradoll

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    The virus was also deflected from the BT Band but rumours suggest that the source of the attacking virus is near our home page
  17. mikelyons

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    New Virus

    It is sad but true that youngsters grow up - eventually. It should come as no surprise to the rest of us. It happened to us too. One of the symptoms of this unfortunately terminal disease is the need to stretch the wings and try to fly.

    Nature, being an unforgiving parent, allows some of these incipient flyers to crash brutally to the floor where they are promptly pecked to death by their former friends. Others manage to hover or float for a while until they are grabbed by a passing wife/husband whatever and promptly disappear from mortal ken.

    However, a few manage to reach the lofty heights of the stratosphere and give the rest of us mundanes something to admire.

    Rather than complain about poaching, we should complain about poachers who then abandon their 'prize' and leave them to flounder after having led them on.

    As a teechur, I have no problems at all with youngsters moving up to higher section bands. I do have a problem with bands that poach to fill a temporary gap and then drop one player for another 'better' one who suddenly becomes 'available'.

    We've just lost a promising young player (I've just lost a pupil/student/friend) to a Championship section band, so I'm not saying this without some experience. I can only wish young players the best of luck and good will and hope their new bands will treat them properly.