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    Hi everyone,

    Our band is currently doing some research into the possibility of kitting us out with new stage uniforms.

    Obviously we know there are many suppliers around and some not as good as others and I was just wondering what your views are on the companies we've narrowed it down to. We want to know your experiences with the companies - to help us make an informed decision before steaming ahead. :)

    Obvously we have Handley's in the mix of picks. Our current uniform is a Handley and has lasted a long time and service was always good.

    We are also thinkin of looking at Centre Stage Uniforms - Saw some very nice uniforms (and a bespoke design we like) at Butlins in January - the views I've heard so far are that they're good quality and also decently priced.

    Another Company is Leisure Wear Direct. This havent done many "Stage" uniforms but the ones hey have done (pics on their Gallery) seem good.

    Any suggestions of other companies are also welcome these are just the first selection of a quickly narrowed down list. We are hoping to keep which ever company fairly local to us ( South Yorkshire) but if the price/ quality and customer service is right we wouldnt mind going a bit further afield.

    So your thoughts??

    cheers in advance
    Wendy xx :p
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  2. a while ago (maybe 4 years) we used Alexander James of Pendlebury, manchester. They matched a set of handley uniforms we had perfectly at aboout 60% of cost, service and quality was good etc.
  3. The Godfather

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    Centrestage look great, but they are new to the market. Will be interesting to see how they stand the test of time. Ciao, CORLEONE.
  4. marting2004

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    Hi Wendy, We at Centre Stage would be very happy to look after your requirements. Please get in touch! Thanks Martin
  5. marting2004

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    Mr Godfather, We are standing up very well, and fairly close to now becoming the market leader! Be glad to give you more info so please give me a call!
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    mmmmmmmmmm I smell a rat !!!
  7. Kinrao

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    We've had nothing but great service from the guys at Centre Stage, their range is great and the pricing is fantastic.

    Hope that helps.