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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jay, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Jay

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    Well, my dad has offered to buy me a new tuba as a christmas/birthday present as next year I'll hopefully be off to the RNCM and will have to leave my bands (and therefore the tuba I'm using!) behind in Swindon...the only thing is I don't know that much about what make/model to get because I've only ever had to make do with whatever the band I'm playing with gives me to play. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions? I'll be studying piano mainly so it doesn't have to be top of the range, but he's happy to spend up to about £4,500 at the maximum.

    Any help would be appreciated :)

    Jay xxx
  2. BIG Paul

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    why buy ??

    why not just join a local band and borrow theirs, Denton isn't far from RNCM and MD is studying there
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  4. Jay

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    BIG Paul - the reason I want my own is because every tuba I've ever played that belongs to a band has been an awful instrument, except for the one I have now - and that's only because the Grenadier Guards band presented it to us! I'll also have more freedom as a player and another issue if I joined a band in the area would be transport - at the moment my mum drives me to band practices, but as I have a phobia of driving I haven't learned to drive yet!! I'd rather have my own instrument that will last than have to change instruments every time I change bands! Jay xx
  5. Hells Bones

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    Do you have your heart set on going to the RNCM? Would you consider the RWCMD?

    Having your own instrument is a must if your going to go to Music College.
    Being a trombone player, I don't know much about Tuba makes, but the best thing to do is try them out for yourself.
  6. Broadland Music

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    York tubas in stock new

    Hi Jay

    We currently have stock of the York tuba in silver plate. Details are at

    We have deliveries being made in the South West on Monday and can arrange for you to try one of these tubas if you can let us know within the next 24 hours. Please contact Andy on 07917 805660 to make the arrangements.

    Mike Thorn
    Broadland Music Ltd
  7. TubaPete

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    I'd think about buying second hand.

    With that sort of money, you could buy one of the early, good Sovereigns and have it thoroughly overhauled. It could be like new but better!

  8. matt_BBb_bass

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    I play Eb bass as well as Bb and i have played Joe Cook's from black dyke and he plays a york Eb its really nice! Or the band have recently about 2 weeks ago brought a new besson Eb the brand new model! And that is a really nice instrument as well! but i would say go for a york! there really good instruments!
  9. Hi Jay,

    I would think about holding if i could with buying a tuba, because the new Yorks only have short term reviews so who knows what will happen to them in months rather than weeks, and a good Yamaha tuba is apparently in the making and that'll be out 'soon'.
  10. Jay

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    Hell's Bones - I couldn't really afford to pay for loads of music college auditions (it was coming out of my own money) so I'm not actually auditioning for that many. I really want to get into the RNCM - it's not a necessity that I have my own tuba, as I'll be studying piano and playing chamber musicc, accompanying etc most of the time and I'll be doing a bit of woodwind too. I'd just like to have my own instrument to keep my playing up!
  11. If it's not a necessity, wait for the new yamaha and more reviews of the new besson and york... ;-)
    I hope you carry on playing the bass even if its not part of your degree!
  12. Jay

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    I'll definitely keep on playing! Couldn't think of life without it lol :p Tbh apart from piano I prefer tuba above all my other instruments! Even if the parts are rubbish sometimes :p xx