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    Corby Silver Band are pleased to welcome Savannah Bone to the band. She will join Tim Langtree on 2nd Trombone taking the number in our trombone section up to 5. This means that Sophie Roberts has been promoted to 1st trombone whilst Becky Maglone continues as Principal trombone.

    Savannah joins us just in time for the busy summer concert season, and has already participated in her first concert with the band last Saturday.

    New brass and percussion players always welcome at Corby Silver Band.
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    five trombones?
    Wow, I know some bands who would love that luxury!

    What do you do for contests?
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    Savannah has only just joined, so it was just 4; but we haven't had a 2nd baritone for a while, so the numbers for contesting still stay within the 25 brass players allowed. We usually have two 2nd troms, tho sometimes if there is the odd few notes missing from 2nd bari, then one of the 2nd troms will put them in to amke sure each part gets played.

    You can never have too many players - we did a contest once where parts in the middle of the band were missing because people had to pull out at the last minute. 2nd trom was taken into hospital with epileptic fit, 2nd bari had a stroke and 2nd horn was ill. Big difference when those 3 parts are missing so its good to have extras.
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    I once conducted a rehearsal with nine trombones and the normal number of other parts. Still had to tell 'em to play louder!!