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    Hi everyone,

    Hi all,

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this - but it seems the most appropriate so I'll go ahead!

    I have just launched a new website where there is available a lot of the sheet music from my Big Band's library. The site is called AuOrchestrations, and can be found here:

    To see some of the charts, please visit the Big Band's website ( The Callum Au Big Band | Callum Au Music) or youtube channel (callumaumusic - YouTube).

    As well as my original compositions, arrangements, and transcriptions that I have done for my band, I am also offering a customised arranging/transcription service - so if you are looking for something specific for your own band or for you to play, it's definitely worth a look. For example, I have recently written a new chart in the style of Wayne Bergeron's Big Band for young UK trumpet player Louis Dowdeswell. I have written a few brass band commissions in the past as well - mostly in a more jazz/commercial style.

    Would appreciate any feedback!

    Many thanks,

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    Are the transcriptions Licenced ?
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