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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sid the Cornet, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Sid the Cornet

    Sid the Cornet New Member

    West Yorkshire
    Hi all
    My name is Sid and I am learning to play the cornet (as ifyou couldn’t already guess).
    I felt compelled to register as a contributor having readthese pages for a year now, so bear with me if I ramble.
    Just over 2 years ago, I wife treated me to tickets to watcha well-known Brass Band play locally. Being a southerner and somewhat dubious at the time, I humoured her andwent along. I was so enthralled thatafter the concert I decided to have a go and duly bought a second hand cornetand booked a couple of taster lessons for the New Year. As of last month, I have been learning theCornet for 2 years. My wife believes thatit has become an obsession, but I know better.
    After 6 months I somehow I managed to convince a local BrassBand to let me have a go and 8 months later found myself promoted to 2[SUP]nd[/SUP]Cornet – probably more default than design. No matter how……onwards and upwards. I do have ambition to play at a higher level and maybe, just maybe….. Thistime next year, Rodney…….
    Anyway……my point.
    Having now done just over 18 months I find myself a littledismayed at some attitudes from other so called “bigger” bands. It may be naivety on my behalf being relativelynew to this game but there seems to be an awful lot of bitching and back bitingbetween bands going on and how much better they are.
    I was at an Entertainment Contest at the back end of lastyear and was dumbfounded at fellow Brass Banders laughing and sniggering atthose unfortunate enough to making the odd wrong note; obviously not everyoneis as skilled as them. Unfortunately weall have to start somewhere and some of us probably have to work at it a littleharder than others.
    I have heard on a number of occasions over the past year,whilst attending contests as a spectator that we need to keep encouraging newmembers to come forward and that we are a “family”. How do we encourage these people if thosebetter than us continue to ridicule those wanting to learn and participate? Surely this is not the way forward or are weheading the way of football teams where players get ridiculed for simply notbeing as good as them. Encouragementgoes a long way!
    At times I have found it quite hard to understand some ofthe rather loud comments aimed at the band, but keep telling myself that I needto keep at it and become proficient as best I can. I love banding and being of thicker skinthan maybe a younger member of the band, I can learn to accept it and not betoo put off by it. Those younger thanme tend not to be and fall by the way side. This shouldn’t be happening especially when I read that it is sodifficult filling the chairs at a lower level. Surely this should be seen as a training ground for the bigger bands andshould be encouraged.
    So there you have it. Rant over. Sorry its long.........
    I look forward to contributing and will try not to be quiteso angry in the future.
    Now where is my testpiece?

    Sid the Cornet

  2. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Leeds - Yorkshire - UK

    Welcome Sid ~ Your comments are unfortunately very relevant, but I feel that there are far more good folk in banding than sneering musical snobs. It IS a family of sorts and I'm sure you will continue to enjoy your banding.
    Well done with getting started, and looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    ~ Mr Wilx
  3. hopeless

    hopeless New Member

    Welcome, Sid. I really do hope you get a better welcome than I did ,There are certainly some folk who deem themselves above the rest , specially if you are from the north like me. Sad really.
    Anyway I wish you well and may you enjoy TMP.

    see below :

    Well thought out contributions are always welcome and well received by all but trolls, but please do your best to shatter the conclusion I have reached lately that all new anonymous posters from North of Watford are here solely as excretia mixers.

  4. mattthebass

    mattthebass Member

    Glad to see to didn't take it to heart Hopeless and have been posting. I think you were unfortunately enough to join at the 'time of the month' for someone ;)

    Hey Sid, welcome to the the asylum! Hope you enjoy posting on here. We've got quacks, nutters and ruddy good friends on here. You're very welcome.
  5. Sid the Cornet

    Sid the Cornet New Member

    West Yorkshire
    I wouldn't like you to think that I have had a completely negative experience. Indeed I have met and made some very good friends in the 2 years but like most things, the more negative people tend to stand out.

    Thanks for the welcome and I do look forward to adding my constructive comments.

    Areas coming up.......can't wait.

    Sid the Cornet
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