New to Euph-what mouthpiece?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Sparky, May 1, 2007.

  1. Sparky

    Sparky Member

    Our band has a need for a euph player and (foolishly) I have offered to give it a go. I have played cornet for over 30 years and, when playing euph, find it a struggle to reach into the higher registers. I find this really frustrating as I found high register playing really easy on the cornet. All this leaves me wondering if I am playing on the right mouthpiece, currently a Wick 4AL. I was wondering if anyone out there has any experiences that may help me or any advice on which mouthpiece to try.
  2. You could try using a wick 5 or 6. You will not get the same depth of sound but it may help with the upper register problem
  3. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    have to agree, 4AL is nice once you get your embouchure used to the larger mouthpieces but do it gradually. maybe start on the 6 for a while and then step up bit by bit as it gets easier.
  4. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    I agree a 5 would be good for you. There seems to be a touch of macho in euphonium mouthpiece choice, with some players even playing on larger bass trombone ones (3 or even 2) but if you've come from a smaller instrument, I think a 5 would be a good all-rounder. Not too big to get lost in, but still big enough to get a warm sound.
  5. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Personally, I'd use a Bach 4G. When I first played euph I mostly struggled with breath control. To improve range, one thing that worked for me was to try to play hymn tunes an octave up. It's worth taking advice from a teacher on this - they could see if (for example) you are using too much pressure.
  6. BrotherBone

    BrotherBone Member

    Try a 5al.... smaller diameter but still a deeper cup than a bach 4g. So it'd be a happy compromise before you get yourself sorted to go back on the 4al.

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Try sorting the problem with buying a copy of The Chas Collins Lip Flexibilities.. Best £13 you can spend

    I play Euph on 1.1/2G Bach and have no prob with high register. However in the interim to make the upper register 'easier' try a shallower mouthpiece (Wick 4BL or Bach 5GS) I would NOT move to smaller mouthpiece as with today's large Euph's the sound will suffer. I also find note definition a little better with Bach. Also another good large M/P that is easy in upper register due to it being quite shallow is a Holton 181 - You may find one as Bass Trom players tend to use big bach's so often the Holton surplus to requirements Try ebay?

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Bearing in mind you coming from Cornet, progression would be good perhaps start on 5... but your diaphragm should be strong just need to get more air through.. Take a look at this practice tip:-
  9. 13dafl

    13dafl New Member

    I used to play horn before playing euph, and I use SM4, it is a good mouthpiece and helps you to get high and low notes. I would definatley strongly suggest you try this one!
  10. Sparky

    Sparky Member

    Thanks everyone for the great advice. I will follow it up.
  11. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Hi John.

    Can't comment on Bach as I have only ever played on Denis Wick gob irons, but I wouldn't recommend the SM range at the moment. They're a fantastic mouthpiece (I play on a SM3.5, its the best i've ever used), but possibly just a bit deep for someone used to playing cornet.

    I'd stick with the AL range for now, and maybe think out changing to an SM in a year or two when your chops have become accustomed to the bigger instument.

    As mentioned previously, if you go too small, you may find that you struggle to produce that full deep sound that the modern euph is famous for so on that basis i'd recommend that you stick with the 4AL. It is a fine all round mouthpiece offering a good range, clarity of sound, intonation and projection, and is the mouthpiece i'd recommend to anyone new to the instrument.

    That said, its still worth trying a few and seeing what feels right for you.

    The advice about playing hymn tunes an octave higher is spot on too.

  12. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Holton 181 is an instrument not a mouthpiece, were you thinking of a Holton 1.5g?

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Not sure: Just looking at the one I have here - It is marked '181' on the shank and only has Holton on the main body. It's the standard 'stock' that comes with the 181 Bass Trom. Size wize it's about the same rim size as a Bach 1-1/2G just a little shallower. I have one that I shaved the shank to suit small bore Trom & bari just a couple of expected intonation issues but great sound.
  14. Hiya Bud!

    Ive been playin euph for a number of years, seeked guidance about mouthpieces and im now playing on the SM4, this a cracking one! Good for a full range and helps me personally with nice lyrical tone production, hope this helps!
  15. I think basically the answer is just time though. Whatever mouthpiece you use (providing its half decent), practice will adjust your embochure to it and you will increase your range. But i agree, i use an SM4 and love it.

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