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    Hi All

    tMP is starting a new, fun, monthly competition that everyone can participate in. We are going to run a tMP WWW Site of the Month competition which will be run on a nomination > vote system that we will manage. We are going to launch the first competition today, so keep a look out for the nomination thread in the 'Promote your own www site' section

    We obviously need a set of guidelines for the competition which are outlined here.

    For anyone who wishes to get their web site into the nomination process, check the 'Promote your own www site' forum on or around the 15th of each month which is when each month's nomination thread will be started.

    And as always......have fun![​IMG]

    Nomination guidelines

    • Only 5 nominations will be accepted into the final vote for any month.
    • You can nominate your own web site, but you must sit out a month before you can nominate it again.
    • If your www site wins, it cannot be nominated again for another year.
    • If somebody else nominates your site the month after you nominated your own, the nomination will be accepted.
    • ***Important!***Nominations will only be accepted for 10 days after the start of the nomination thread. If there are is a lack of nominations at the end of the 10 days, this deadline could be extended. News to the extension will be posted in the nominations thread.
    • A good web site is based on whatever makes you happy.[​IMG]
    • When you make a nomination please include the WWW Site URL and also a reason why you nominated the site.
    • A nomination must be seconded by someone before it will be considered for the random draw for the final poll. This means the second must come from somebody who is not affiliated with the site being nominated. (We know this will be difficult to enforce but please comply)
    • Only 2 nominations per person per month.
    • All seconded nominations recieved within the 10 days will be thrown into a hat and 5 final nominees will be pulled for the final vote. This selection will be 100% random!
    • If you selected for the final vote, and your site or server is not running when the poll is made (i.e. at the start of the month), then an alternate site will take the place of your site. No exceptions. (so make sure your site is operational)
    Voting guidelines

    • Only 5 nominated sites will be entered in the final vote each month.
    • Initially, only 'banding' related www sites will be considered.
    • A site can be disqualified or lose votes when:

    • we consider the owner or any other person related to the site rallies for votes. This does not include mentioning just the fact that the site has been selected in the poll. You may also point out site "features" in this thread.
    • the style of the site is changed sometime during the month of voting. The web site style must stay the same throughout the month.
    • the site must stay active for the whole month.

    • Please do not post accusations of cheating. Anyone who has a grief should contact one of the tMP team.
    • As a last request: Please write only positive, constructive comments. If you must write something critical, please add a n explanation of what you don't like, and a suggestion as to how this may be improved.
    If you have any suggestions for additional guidelines, please feel free to post them here.