New test piece aimed at First / Championship Section

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by yogi1000, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. yogi1000

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    I've recently written a test piece aimed at the higher sections and would like some feedback on what people think of it. The piece has been published by MMI Music. Any feedback, no matter if it's good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

    You can find the piece here at: -

    Please feel free to listen and let me know what you think.

    If you like the piece a lot, plese feel free to purchase it at: -

  2. yogi1000

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    Please can someone give me an idea of what they think - even if you think it's the worst sounding thing you've ever heard, I'd rather that than nothing at all!!!!!!!!!

    Makes me feel as though it's a right old load of twaddle!

  3. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Well it certainly isn't a load of old twaddle for a start! However, as you've asked for an opinion, I'll give it so long as you accept that I have no significant composing talent myself, it's based purely on what I see and hear.

    Certainly at the opening there are some real quality moments. The answering groups of two semiquavers between top end and lower end/percussion stand out.

    Your combining of your themes between J and N stand out as quality too.

    I do feel, though that the slower section after letter E doesn't (for me, personally) seem to fit in easily with the rest of the piece. Some of the chords, even allowing for 'contemporary' brass writing seem to grate somewhat. But as I said, not being a composer, it's likely I've missed the point! The rest of it is fine with, as I said, some real quality writing.

    One other thing. I notice a section where unless my eyes decieve me, the solo cornets are split into five players. Given that you class this as a test piece, (and though I'm all for expanding possibilities with brass band scoring), would that not mean bending or breaking the rules with the number of players on stage? You'd need 26 brass players to play this piece. If this was played at a local region own choice contest, that'd probably be OK, but if it was ever used 'nationally' there might be a problem with 'the rules'.

    All in all though, a fine work. As for my criticisms, I'll pre-empt any cry of 'You do better then' (as can sometimes happen on this forum, I don't aim that at you, Matt) by admitting I couldn't! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Kind regards.
  4. yogi1000

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    Thanks very much for taking the time to listen and give your comments Dave.

    Please rest assured that I've checked the original score and there are only 4 Solo Cornet parts, even though there does look like more at certain points - due to the score being very small and not able to zoom in at all.

    Thanks also to Will who's given me a great account in lots of detail of exactly what he thought and lots of different ideas from Dave. It's given me an awful lot to think about and hopefully be able to write a bit better later on.

    Anyone else who would like to place their comments here please feel free - a bad remark about the piece is better than no remark at all!!

  5. Jimmy_2121

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    Enjoyed this work Matt, it seems to give everyone something interesting to play, a good facet in a test piece in my opinion. I particularly like the fugal section, some well worked interplay. The chorale section to close sounds impressive, but I can imagine would require a good set of lungs to make the best of it, due to its extremes of dynamic and the slower tempo.

    Have you sold many copies yet?
  6. Nigel Hall

    Nigel Hall Supporting Member

    Not yet - but all it takes is someone to buy it, play and the rest will follow..... so who's going to be first?

    Also, we have submitted the piece to the Dutch selection committee for consideration as a set test in 2007. Fingers crossed!