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    Julie and I were watching TV ten mninutes ago, and we saw an advert for the new Superman film. Julie said, "That theme will be out for brass band soon". This prompted us to wonder how soon it would be, and who would do it. I think there will be at least two, I would even hazard a guess as to when and where the first one comes from. So come on tMPers', what do you think?

    1. When will we see the first brass band arrangement of the new Superman theme.

    2. Who wiill be the arranger.

    3. Who will be the publisher.

    4. How long afterwards will the second one appear, and who will be the arranger and publisher of this one.
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    Is there a prize for this quiz?????? ;)

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    :rolleyes: No :) and I should have said that it has no connection with me personally. I could have a go at answering the questions myself, but I would like to see what a few other people think first :biggrin:
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    John Williams must have broken the bank with his quote for Superman Returns.

    But I'll bet that George Lucas will hire him anyway for Indiana Jones IV or whatever the title is going to be...
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    Depend on where you live, how often you listen to your local brass band, and how good an arranger their conductor is ...

    See above ...

    What's a publisher ... ?

    Who cares ... ?

    Oh, and BTW, I am a firm believer in the strict observance of copyright law, and I would never consider making an unauthorised arrangement of copyright music.

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    Who cares!!!!!!

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    You must **** roses every morning as well!
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    Does John Williams also go under the pen name of John Ottman, as that is who is credited with the soundtrack for Superman Returns?
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    We played the theme from the original Superman movies recently (by John Williams).
    It was excellently arranged by Darrol Barry and published by Frank Bernaerts.
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    probably one of the dutch arrangers/publishers and within weeks of each other, with first one out within the month I guess :biggrin:
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    Wouldn;t be surprised to see the Frank Bernaearts version hit the stand within weeks.

    Personally I'd rather wait until either Darrol B or David Stowell did a more advanced version.....

    For other film insprired music check out David Stowell's catalogue. I did a job with GUS a few weeks ago and a lot of his music was featured.

    Quite accessible, certainly enjoyable.



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    I was thinking along the same lines Rich. I also thought of another version not long afterwards, my thoughts were also Darrol, or maybe Ray Farr? - Wright & Round?
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    Maybe I'm wrong but I thought the Warner Bros. license was for the sole use for the likes of Mark Freeh, Andy Duncan and Steve Sykes who are contracted by them to arrange their stuff for brass band? As I said, I could be wrong!
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    I've seen "Superman Returns" and the theme music played over the opening and closing credits is the John Williams theme from the 1978(?) film starring Christopher Reeve.

    The opening credits said

    "Music by John Ottman

    Superman Theme by John Williams, re-orchestrated by John Ottman"

    Without re-listening to the original , any changes that John Ottman made must have been minor, as I could not tell any difference (although the incidental music during the film is original).

    Given that it uses the same theme music, I would be surprised if anyone came out with a new version, although maybe publishers will re-print and re-advertise their exisiting arrangements in order to cash in.

    PS A good film, by the way, worth seeing.

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  18. MRSH

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    That's a shame, if it's true, I was rather hoping someone else would be given a chance.
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    - I read that somewhere (maybe on 4BR or one of the arranger's sites) and it's too coincidental that the Warner's catalogue seems to be only use a few select names. I'll try and find out where I sourced the information.

    here's a starter for ten ...

    post edit:- a sample of who's being doing what ...

    - IMP were taken over by Alfred Music Publications and more recently by Faber
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    When I was the editor for the IMP/Warner Bros. Brass Band series this was definately NOT the case. I was also on the panel that approved a huge amount of other peoples arrangements for performance and publishing.

    That is not the case any more as I 'moved company' to De Haske and are very happy there now working with my UK office colleagues and a whole new bunch of writers.

    As another poster said, Warner Bros. was taken over by Alfred Publishing in July 2005 and, at the same time, Faber Music 'acquired' IMP. This means that all the existing IMP Brass Band titles are now distributed by Faber and they control all the Warner Bros. rights. As far as I am aware (talking to my contacts within the industry) they have no plans to expand further the IMP Brass Band series in the near future which is why messrs Sykes and Duncan at least are writing for other publishers.