*NEW Stunning Hymn* Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

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  1. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace
    By Sebastian Temple

    One of the most stunning hymn tunes in existence has been arranged by Stephen Tighe in such a way that it shall warm the hearts of your audience. The hymn is featured endlessly on T.V. (BBC’s Songs of Praise), and more famously at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. With gorgeous harmonies and counter melodies for the entire band to participate in, this arrangement belongs in every bands library.

    Full score & parts: £17.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=125&tf=M6.rtf

    Vanguard (Euphonium Solo) - By Richard Rock
    Euphonium Players - A new challenge for the new year!
    Direct Link - http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=124&tf=V3.rtf

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    At first glance it looks frighteningly similar to the arrangement published by the SA about ten or so years ago. Blatant plagiarism, the counter melodies are the same!!!!!
  3. Dear Sir,

    If you wish to comment on the legality of any of our music, please contact us directly either via phone, email or post and we shall be happy to discuss the matter in private before attempting to tarnish the companies reputation.

    We should point out, before this goes any furthur, that the copyright licence to this hymn, and the harmonies, are all held by a publishing company in Canada - who have seen and cleared the work for publication. They hold the copyrights to this arrangement, the SA arrangement, and indeed any other arrangements published for brass band, wind band, SATB choir, organ etc.

    Publishers only have a licence to print and distribute works that are copyrighted (once permission has been granted & licencing fees have been paid). All copyright licences are held by the copyright holders and not the publishers (eg. Not PMP or the SA).

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