New sponsorship deal for the GUS BAND

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    New Sponsorship deal announced by the GUS Band

    In January, 1933, Mr. Fred Felton called a newspaper reporter to his factory to tell him: "We are going to form a band and we are going to aim high."
    Two years later the Munn And Felton Works Band were champions of Great Britain - and a brass band legend was born that has lived on for over 70 years. When Mr. Felton spoke to that reporter from his local paper, he could hardly have known what success the next half century would bring. But he started a musical tradition which has been continued by one of the most famous names in the brass band world - GUS.
    Under the names of Munn and Felton, G.U.S. (Footwear), Rigid Containers Group, and more recently The Travelsphere Holidays Band, the sound that once originated from Kettering has rung throughout Britain, Europe and America in concert halls, on television, radio and in the recording studio. Thousands have applauded the band in concert, and the Midlanders have dented the Northern pride of Yorkshire and Lancashire, traditionally the home of brass bands, by winning six national titles, the British Open Championship twice, 19 Area Championships, BBC Band of the year, and twice being proclaimed World Champions .
    Twelve months ago saw the end of a five year sponsorship deal with the Travelsphere Holidays Group. With no major sponsor on the horizon the band reverted back to using the GUS name, one of the most famous in the banding world. Twelve months on and the band are pleased to announce that they have secured a sponsorship deal with instrument manufacturer Virtuosi England Limited. The deal secures the future of the band and includes provision of a band room in Northampton, commercial resources as well as a financial package that will ensure that the band will be able to compete at the highest level.
    The band will now be known as `The Virtuosi GUS Band`. Commenting to the BB Jan Smith (The Bands PR Manager) expressed her delight on behalf of the band at this new sponsorship deal. `It has been a difficult 12 months for the band without a sponsor, and in the present climate where a number of companies have pulled out from sponsoring brass bands to have secured a major sponsor will ensure the GUS name lives on.`
    Speaking to the BB, Virtuosi Instruments Managing Director Mr S Pagington gave a few of the reasons behind the companies decision to sponsor the GUS Band.` Although we manufacture a full range of instruments and accessories our core business is the manufacture and supply of brass instruments to bands in the UK and Europe. We feel that sponsoring the GUS band will help us in the marketing of the Virtuosi range. We are delighted that the band has agreed to the deal and are looking forward to working closely with them. They have an impressive diary of contests and concerts booked for 2007 which includes major concerts in London, Leeds, St Georges Hall Bradford and the Gala Concert for the 2007 French Open. With a full band and a number of outstanding principle players the future of the band under Musical Director David Stowell can only be described as exciting.`
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    Does the deal include GUS committing to use their sponsor's instruments?

    Any view on how good these are as on the face of it the prices are very good!
  3. GingerMaestro

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    I can only say that the Eb Horns are very good and I have tried one of the cornets and they are not bad at all the price is excelent for the build quality of the instrument which is as good as any on the current market
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    Good question - It is hard to imagine someone like Chris Jeans using a virtuosi trombone. And isn't he an Antoine Courtois Clinician contracted to play their instruments?
  5. Bones

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    Does it really matter if he or the other players in the Band plays Virtuosi or Weltkang.......

    It's nice to see a company that markets and sells instruments to the Brass Band Market, actually putting something back into the movement and in particular one of the movement's oldest and long standing bands.

    A bit of news that benefits the Band and the movement, and the "Grassy Knoll" brigade are soon out....... :)

    And before someone else points it out. Yes, I am a former member of GUS, yep, I dep with them on and off and yes, Shawn Pagington is a mate of mine.

    Let's applaud Shawn for putting his money back into the Movement, and lets hope a few more organisations would do the same.


  6. shawneuph

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    Thankyou Richard,
    Without going into the full details of which players play which instruments, there are already several Virtuosi instruments in use within the band as they are with a number of championship bands around the UK.

    Within the band there are also players playing on Courtois, Sovereign, Geneva, Prestige, Yamaha, Smith and Watkins, Conn, Edwards and a Miraphone. The players play on the instruments of their choice and we do not intend at this moment in time to change this arrangement, however as new players join or instruments are replaced the virtuosi instruments will be made available to the players to use if they so wish.

    Shawn Pagington
    Managing Director Virtuosi Instruments England Ltd
  7. Cantonian

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    I don't mind if you want to send me one and 'I'll fly the flag' in both my bands;) !!
  8. I'm so pleased the band has remained in Northants. Well done, as grandaughter of band president when it was Rigid, it's good to see, even if most of the personel have changed now. It was supporting the Rigid band which got me hooked, playing and dreaming of being up there with them. I'm only a section away.

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