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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Deano, Jan 30, 2007.

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  2. ssmith

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    Any news on who is taking over the sponsorship???
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  3. TheMusicMan

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    We will have the details on Thursday apparently. Let's see what transpires eh.

    Maybe it is time for change...?
  4. ssmith

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    Cant wait till Thursday anyone going to make a guess, apparently its likely to be a rival instrument manufacturer trying to get in on the supply of top range instruments Beson have dominated for years? I am sure the sponsorship of the Nationals has had a lot to do with this although there has'nt been much competition around at the top level until the last 5 years or so with Coutois, Yamaha and now Vurtuosi making impressive leaps into the market place.

    I am going to place a sportsmans bet on Yamaha, anyone else going to have a guess?
  5. Am I the only person that's never heard of York instruments, let alone them being a main rival to Besson. AFAIK it's always been Besson with Yamaha close behind until the past year with all these small manufacturers circling the corpse of Besson like Virtuosi, Eclipse etc etc. Call me a traditionalist but you'll never beat the old Besson brand (but happy to be given a prototype Xeno horn on a free trial and be proved wrong!! :D)
  6. ssmith

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    I suggest you try the Virtuosi first. As good as a Sov and half the price.
  7. Owen S

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    This stuff about "York" instruments is bizarre.

    I just went onto Google to find out more.

    The second page linked by Deano explains that York are owned by Schreiber Keilwerth. However, their Home Page makes no mention of York instruments at all, and I found out that they're a German manufacturer of Clarinets and Saxophones.

    The first link for "York Instruments" found this page:
    A Brief History of York (instruments) that details the York company making instruments from c.1882 to 1971. The name was bought by Boosey and Hawkes in 1976, and I guess the administrators at B&H must have sold it to Schreiber Keilwerth.

    Incredibly, for what you'd expect to be a high-profile launch, there is no web presence for York instruments at all, and the only pages I've been able to find (even after changing the search to "York Euphonium") was a link to an article on 4barsrest announcing that David Childs will be the new face of the brand (link), and an out-of-date announcement in "Pro-Music News" (a bilingual German/English web magazine) of a competition to win the first York euphonium (link).

    Well, I found one other page but it was all in Norwegian, so I couldn't make head nor tail of it. :D

    Odd indeed.
  8. iggmeister

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    Very interesting to re-read that 4br article again in light of the recent articles. I didn't pay much attention to it the first time around.

    It's quite funny really. I have some theories which I will keep to myself but I think there will be some interesting implications to come out of all this.

    If nothing else, it is inevitable that something like this would happen after Kapitol took over the running/ ownership/ administration from (old) Besson. Market forces apply now. Some might say it is Kapitolism (groan). If it brings more money into the competition and results in a better contest, it will of course be positive.

    Other than the political implications it'll be interesting to see if the York instruments are any good. There have been loads of new/ revamped`instruments placed on the market recently. Therefore, marketing is all the more important.

  9. TheMusicMan

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    I know this will all become clear in a few days, but I am bemused at Bessons apparent suprise at not getting the sponsorship deal where they cited.. "no consideration seems to have been given to the support Besson has provided for many years'. Now to me, that suggests they actually expect, without question, to get the deal - which in my opinion, is not right at all and perhaps serves them right.

    If a better deal has been negotiated and is on the table - and at the present time we can only assume (and hope) that there is - then they either need to up their business proposition, or bow out gracefully and with dignity, not with bitterness and unnecessary comments such as those we are already seeing.
  10. brassneck

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    - this explains a little ...
  11. BbBill

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    Yeh, there was a spread about them in the Bandsman last week, with also said Alan Morrison was working with the company. They were giving prices (range from £1304.75 for cornet up to £5687.32 for tuba) and model descriptions. It went onto say the new designs "include refinements to mouthpipe ferrule, brace, valve bottom caps fitted with internal screw thread, valve top caps, finger hooks, button tops, waterkeys, connecting rings, valve casings, and slides"

    It also mentioned that the Tenor horns were getting a main slide trigger, an improved lower register in all the low brass, and that Ronnie Tennant from Band Supplies in Glasgow, was quoted as muttering an "Aye" to stocking the range when asked!!

    I tried to look at the site they gave a link for in their advert which was on the inside page of Bandsman, but nothing came up.

    All in all, as quoted above by Brassneck, their basically their using the components Schreiber & Keilwerth have been making anyway, on the tooling the Bessons were already getting manufactured with!
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  12. brassneck

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    - exactly! I wondered about them using the York name though ... famous USA instrument manufacturer of yesteryear (which ironically B&H bought out in 1976).
  13. GJG

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    Bit more background info on the "Besson v York" thing here:

    for those interested.

    (incidentally, can someone explain to me how you do that trick where you type "here" and it becomes a link, please ... ?)
  14. Owen S

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    Click the button above the reply box with the "earth with chain". Copy and paste the URL from the address bar in your browser and press OK. It will then leave a section of text highlighted (that looks like the URL written for the second time), and if you want to replace that URL with "Link" or something, just start typing, and it will replace the highlighted text.

    See, you knew I was useful for something. ;)
  15. Owen S

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    Better still, try this:

    [ URL="" ][ /URL ]

    When you see the text like this, replace the bit in italics with "Link" or whatever you want to see on the page.
  16. GJG

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    Like this?


    OK, got it, thanks. I already tried that, however I was confused by the fact that the overtyped text didn't appear as if it were a link in the reply box.
  17. BbBill

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    Suppose you could class the LMI instruments into the same group as well, they look practically the same as the Sovs, but with the new "in-look" of the gold bits and pieces.
  18. brassneck

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    - and I suppose you can add Sterling instruments to the family group as well!

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