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    Title: Sortie in E Flat
    Instrumentation: Brass Band
    Composer: Louis Lefebure-Wely
    Arranger: Sue Hopkins
    Price: £25.00
    Soundfile (electronic version): Click Here
    Available: The Music Company Shop and Brass Band Music Retailers

    Introducing Sue Hopkins, the latest new talented writer to join The Music Company (UK) Ltd. We are delighted to offer you her first publication with us - Sortie in E Flat, originally composed for Organ by Louis Lefebure-Wely, but masterfully transcribed by Sue to produce an effective and entertaining brass band concert item.

    Louis Lefebure-Wely is historically associated with the development of French organ music, as well as with organ technique. As a composer, Louis Lefebure-Wely was instrumental in the evolution of the French symphonic organ style. His lighter compositions have travelled through the ages most successfully and in particular his Sorties in B Flat and E Flat.

    Sue Hopkins has artfully captured the magic of Lefebure-Wely's writing and produced this great new piece which offers a perfect complement to your concert programme.

    Soundfiles, sample scores and more information can be obtained about this work and our many other titles by visiting:

    The Music Company
    Passionate About Making Music

    Tel: 0845 68 08452
    Fax: 0845 68 08453
    Address: PO Box 5684, Dunmow, Essex, CM6 3TR
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