New Soprano Cornet Solo

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    Johann Baptist Georg Neruda was an 18th century Czech violinist and composer. Classical trumpet players include his Eb Concerto as one of their favourite solos, which is often performed on an Eb Soprano Trumpet.

    Soprano Cornet player Simon Morgan (with the mighty Flixton Band) asked me to arrange it for him with a brass band accompaniment. I have taken the lively first movement, and adapted it as a soprano cornet solo.

    It lasts approximately three and a half minutes. Ideal as a concert item, part of a CD, or part of an entertainment programme.

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    We ran through this at band last night and I thought it was really nice - well done Tim!

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    Thank you for kind comment Rachel, much appreciated.
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    As Rachel says, it's a good one. To my shame, I'm afraid I had never heard of Neruda before last night. If anyone is looking for a new soprano cornet solo, I can recommend this piece.
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    Further praise

    I echo the thoughts before me. Tim many thanks for this, a great arrangement and a great solo.