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    Glyn Richards, the soprano cornet player from Freckleton band, is to replace Colin Clarke at the Daelwool Auckland band as of 1st may 2005.

    Glyn has only just returned from New Zealand where he played for the Napier band in the National Championships held in Wellington last weekend. Glyn has been a member of the Freckleton band for 12 months and has played for several other bands in the North West prior to that.

    Glyn feels that it is an opportunity which cannot be missed and is relishing the chance to play in some of the huge concerts that Daelwool put on.
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    As of 1995? Glyn never told me he was a timelord!
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    Im a man of many talents mate,unfortunately counting and sop playing are not included in that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    And anyway whos gyln mr scientist?????
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    I'm a chemist... I don't spell things with any more than two letters

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