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  1. Bless ‘Em All
    Arr. Gavin Somerset

    Keeping spirits high during World War II was essential, and music played a huge part. Darrol Barry’s excellent arrangement ‘Keep Smiling Through’ has been pleasing audiences for years and can probably be found in most brass bands libraries across the country. This new release of popular war time songs including ‘Wish Me Luck, As You Wave Me Goodbye’, ‘We’re Going To Hang Out The Washing’, ‘Kiss Me Goodnight Sgt. Major’, ‘Good Morning’, ‘Bless ‘Em All’ and the highlight of the piece, the slow, hair raising middle movement ‘Apple Blossom Time’, is being released to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the Battle Of Britain. All of these songs were sung as the London population camped out in the underground stations. This arrangement will get the feet tapping as audiences sing along to the lively pieces and then sends shivers down their spines with the gorgeous ‘Apple Blossom Time’ featuring in the middle of the medley. Whether in a remembrance concert, a gala or a bandstand in the park, this is a piece not to be missed and should belong in every bands library.

    Full score & parts: £22.95
    Direct Link - http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=131&tf=B8.rtf

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    Very nice, Gavin.
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    Thanks Will, always nice to receive praise from fellow composers and arrangers. And for anyone that has spotted the deliberate mistake in that write-up, I believe Pennine have contacted the admin team about getting that changed (as I’m sure the Battle Of Britain was more than 40 years ago :-? )
  4. Yes it has been requested.

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