New Solos with Piano by Philip Sparke

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    I'm delighted to announce the publication of some more new solos with piano accompaniment:-

    The full list is:-

    Flowerdale from Hymn of the Highlands

    Lairg Muir from Hymn of the Highlands

    Eb HORN
    Capricorno written for Owen Farr

    Scaramouche written for Katrina Marzella

    Variants on an English Hymn Tune not-too-difficult variations on 'Nicaea'

    Eb BASS
    A Song for Susie slow melody for Tuba
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    Flowerdale is a beautiful piece Philip! :clap: Loved hearing Peter Roberts playing it with YBS. Would it work for Bb do you think, and would you think of it arranging it as such, or is the Soprano the instrument that you envisaged playing this? Perhaps it wouldn't produce the same effect as you wanted?
    A great fan of all your music - Song and Dance is another smasher! :clap:
    Another lofty - ish piece (for those with the range) that I love is Emmanuel and is arranged for Bb cornet.
  3. Anglo Music Press

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    I think Peter's performance has made this a 'real' soprano solo and that I would like to leave it there. Of course, I could take it down a fourth for Bb Cornet, but it would lose something on the way, I feel.
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    New solo material

    Hi Philip,

    I am looking for some new material for solo bass trombone and band-most of the repertoire is poor. Do you have any plans to write/publish anything in the near future?