New Solo for Soprano or any other E flat Instrument

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Fendall, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Fendall

    Fendall Member

    Hi there,
    By way of introduction, I am the soprano cornet player for Waitakere Brass in NZ (one of Australasia's top bands) and current NZ national soprano champion. I have also written a full 20 minute concerto for E flat trumpet, and a shorter version of this is the set test for this year's Australian soprano championship.

    I have recently completed the composition of a new solo called Definitions Part 1. As I am a relatively unknown composer, I have decided to give it away for free (solo music, piano accompaniment and recording) I have made a rough recording of me playing it. If you would like an mp3 copy sent, please message or email me at and tell me if you want the "low res" version (3.9 Mb) or the "high res" (7.8 Mb) with the pdf files of the sheet music.

    I wrote it with soprano in mind, but some consider it best suited to E flat bass. I would also be interested in the opinion of a tenor horn player, but it probably wouldn't provide the "range" challenge, with the highest notes being B flats except for one optional top D.

    I said this recording is"rough", and I provide the following excuses as to why you can tear holes in my playing (soprano players are always full of excuses, you should know that):

    1. Unlike my concerto, I didn't write this solo specifically for me, so all I did while composing was check to see if it was playable.

    2. I didn't actually practice it prior to recording, so was trying to get it to the stage where I could adequately produce the notes. I confess to having to splice together three different takes, and initially the slow movement was so bad in all three takes, I went back on another day and re-recorded it.

    3. I actually altered the tempo of some of the "first page" after I recorded it, and removed some notes to give the opportunity to breathe, so the removed notes sound disjointed, and you can distinctly hear where I played through without a breath originally - and stagger my way through a couple of "easy" bars.

    Unlike my concerto, this was composed directly for piano accompaniment, and my first attempt at writing for piano, so I think it works better than my concerto. While I am giving it away free to any who ask, I just ask that normal copyright rules be respected (i.e. don't claim it as your own work, or make money from it without consulting me) - my email address is also on the music.

    Any way, I hope to hear from some of you, and feel free to post comments on this thread.
  2. sooooper sop

    sooooper sop Member

    Sop solo

    Hi Fendall,
    I'm interested in your new sop solo, and would love to run it through. Could you email it to me? also have you written parts for full band?

    My email is

    Thanks! :D
  3. demelza

    demelza New Member

    Hi Fendall

    I would definitely be interested in having a go at this solo

    My email is

    Thanks v much
  4. Hot Lips

    Hot Lips Member

    Hi I would also be interested in hearing this new piece. Am always on the look out for something a little bit different or new on the scene.

    My email is

  5. EflatTenor

    EflatTenor New Member

    Me too! Im looking forward to hearing or playing your composition!

    I'll send you my email via PM. (thanks brasscrest)
  6. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    I note that people are openly posting email addresses in this thread. This may not be the best idea in a public forum. If you are in any way uncomfortable with posting your email address where anyone can see it, please use the Private Messaging feature.

    If you've already done so, and wish to reconsider, please contact myself or one of the other moderators via PM and we will remove your post.
  7. persins

    persins Member

    I have emailed Fendall directly! I'm sure our Eb players would welcome having a go at this!

    Thanks Fendall! I look forward to receiving the details.

  8. Fendall

    Fendall Member

    Feedback & Band Arrangement

    Hi there,

    I'm obviously keen that people post some 'review' or feedback on the work. The lack of feedback so far means two things to me.

    1. It's sooo bad, you want to politely keep your opinions to yourself
    2. It's sooo good, you don't want too many people to get hold of it, which they will if your rave about it.

    About a possible future band arrangement - I personally didn't feel this piece would work so well with band (parts of it could), Piano & Band maybe? Again, any thoughts - do you hear things I don't?

    My previous work (trumpet concerto) has been arranged for band, and Woolston brass are using it for their purposes (including a recording I believe) before making that arrangement available. I am currently composing a trombone solo with piano that should work for an eventual band arrangement.

    As mentioned above, it is better for your sake if you email me or use a Private Message rather than publicly state your email address. I set up my hotmail account specifically for this purpose to protect my main email account.

    Thanks for all the interest though,
  9. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Well, after emailing Fendall I recieved a very quick reply, good work! And in response to your composition, am very impressed! I intend to pass it on to a soprano-playing friend of mine, can't really criticise! Only question is, could you possibly transpose it into B flat so I could have a bash at it on euponhium!
  10. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Huh... lack of feedback so far???? you only posted this thread 24 hours ago...:)

    Incidentally, you are able to put it up on your webspace and link to it from here so people can listen to it directly from tMP. Just a thought...
  11. Fendall

    Fendall Member

    Thanks for that, I guess it was a little optimistic to expect immediate response. I don't actually have a 'webspace', but obviously need to think seriously about that soon!
  12. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    OK, don't forget that tMP does webhosting too:)

    EDIT: if you want to send me that MP3... I'll host it for a while for ya!
  13. Fendall

    Fendall Member

    Thanks to the MANY of you that have requested my solo, and those that have fed back directly. I received some 'bounced' message notifications regarding the recording, but for some reason, it isn't telling me which email recipients specifically. So, if you received the sheet music, but no mp3 recording, let me know, and I'll try a smaller file,

    Cheers all
  14. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Just had another listen and look through this composition Fendall, and I was wondering where the inspiration for it came from? This piece is has the ideal charateristics for a good solo in my eyes...A beautiful slow melody section, some fast triple tonguing, challenging double tonguing that keeps you on the edge, and a swinging section! Builds up to an impressive finish as well!
    Has it had a premiere?
  15. Fendall

    Fendall Member

    The Inspiration?

    Strangely enough, the spur for me composing this piece was:
    I attended my first two national solo competitions after many years break from banding. At the last solos, a number of things struck me:
    1. many solos were not fun to listen to
    2. many solos did not look like they were fun to play
    3. many solos treated the piano as an "add-on" instead of being an integral part of the music
    4. many solos lacked the 'Wow' factor, the "money shots", something that allowed for a 'heart' performance, rather than just a 'head' performance.

    I'm not saying my solo has all those things, but I thought I could compose a solo that had those things in it to some degree while being technically challenging - in saying that, my solo is a bit melancholy until 5 minutes in.

    The main tune, which is echoed though the piece, was actually composed as part of an ambitious project I started doing, a modern opera based on the life of the apostle Paul. The theme was written, believe it or not, for the scene where Stephen gets Stoned (with rocks, not marijuana). However, the tune was quite quirky, and I thought it would lend itself to variations (rather like Paganini's immortal little tune)

    I then attempted to write variations, and the first section after the tune is the only true variation in the piece, everything else only alludes to the theme.

    That's about all I can say, the inspiration was "lack of inspiration" with other solos (not very noble, is it?)
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  16. Fendall

    Fendall Member

    Sooooooo, is it still too early to ask what anyone else thinks of the work?

    Should I give up composition now?

    Cheers all, and thanks to those who have responded, and good luck to all other composers out there.
  17. sooooper sop

    sooooper sop Member

    Hi again Fendall, thanks for sending the music, I've just started to look at it this weekend because I've been really busy with contests etc. and now I've got a nasty bug ....poor me!
    I think it's really good, a bit low in parts but that's just me (I don't like notes below G!)
    I'm thinking of playing it in our local solo contest in two weeks, so I'll let you know what everyone else thinks.
  18. Di

    Di Active Member

    You too? Just as well there's no band tonight eh? *sniff*

    Sorry Fendall, Vic has been rather tied up with extra rehearsals too. Will see that she looks at it from the horn players perspective soon too. :)

    Good luck with the contest Ian. :biggrin:
  19. Fendall

    Fendall Member

    Just a quick post to push the thread into 'prominence' again and ask those who may not have seen it whether you would like a copy (see introductory thread on page 1)

    Site Moderators: Is it perfectly okay to promote my composition on the site like this? I feel a bit like a 'hawker' (that's 'hawker', not 'hooker'!), maybe a forum could be started for all composers to promote their stuff if it is not suitable for this forum.
  20. Fendall

    Fendall Member

    So, can any of you that have the music make claim to having performed the 'World Premiere' yet?

    My first opportunity will not be until May.

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