New Solo for Grimethorpe Soprano, Kevin Crockford

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    Last night's Grimethorpe concert in Blackpool saw the premier of a brand new arrangement, specially done for Kevin Crockford, of the aria 'Vilja' from Franz Lehar's 'The Merry Widow.'

    Following on from the success of the cornet solo 'Stars,' arranged for himself and the Grimethorpe band at the request of Rob Westacott, I was absolutely delighted when given another chance to write for the band. And particularly at being asked to undertake the task of arranging such a popular work, as a solo for such a well-renowned and justly respected musician. Nervous, yes, but delighted!!

    In his introduction to the piece, Brian Grant described Kevin as "Without a shadow of a doubt, the finest soprano cornet player who's walking the globe at this time," an opinion I can wholeheartedly second, particularly when one considers the supporting evidence of the quality he displayed on the premier performance, which can be found on youtube here:

    The whole concert was simply a joy to hear with and, on a night which was tempered by sadness for the loss of one of our true greats, Major Peter Parkes, there was at least plenty of evidence that even with the passing of one of our greatest, the talent for top-level brass musicianship goes on undiminished.

    Allow me to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Kevin , Brian and the band for the opportunity to write for them, and for the hospitality and friendship they showed us afterwards on a 'cultural tour' of Blackpool's local publican's establishments. (Taking in a curry house on the way back as, I am assured, is traditional on these occasions. ;) )
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    Lovely arrangement and beautifully played :clap:
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    Excellent! You must be very proud.