New Signings Make Contest Debuts for Barnsley

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    Sunday's Bolsover Entertainment Contest marked the debut of our new flugel horn player, Amy Shepherd. Kent-born Amy was previously with Regent Brass in London, but recently moved up to Sheffield to start a postgraduate course in immunology and we were glad to welcome her into the BBSBB ranks. Amy has settled in well in the short time she has been with us and says she can't believe how much nicer we all are here "up north"!

    Neil Twist, on the other hand, is a rather more familiar face, who seems to have been around for ages! However, his transfer from the Stocksbridge Band is now complete and we can "officially" welcome him to the band on the bass trombone chair. Neil has played with a number of bands, including Hatfield, Haydock and Marple. A very versatile trombonist, he is also often found playing principal for the Sheffield Symphony Orchestra or Sheffield Philharmonia.
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    Nice work on the new signings, best of luck to them both especially my good friend Mr Twist. I'm glad to see the band moving forward.:clap:

    Best of luck for Pontins!
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    Hi Amy.....all the best in your new band.....and good luck with your studies...mick.