New Sheffield Brass Quintet starting up - Vacancies

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  1. I am starting up a Brass Quintet up in the Crosspool area of Sheffield and therefore have some vacancies.

    Initially it'll be a rehearsal group, but I hope to take the group out for weddings, mess dinners and other functions. I have music for the group and have worked in this set up in the Army.

    Vacancies are:

    2nd Trumpet

    French Horn



    Drop me a line if you're interested, as I'm hoping to get started in the next couple of months.
  2. This quintet is back on the cards and if anyone knows of any players who are interested, please do get in touch.
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    Good luck with this venture. I'm involved in a similar project. We are about twelve months ahead of you, rural and not very good - but we are really enjoying ourselves!

    French Horns can be very difficult to find, but some Tenor Horn players can read up a whole tone and some music is available with both (alternative) Tenor and French Horn parts.

    Through doubling in Jazz and Wind BandsTrombonists tend to be able to read bass clef but Bass players tend to be treble clef only readers. For Eb bass players there is a simple dodge (just change the number of flats in the key signature) that allows them to effectively transpose between the two.

    Small group playing is great. We typically double the parts up as that supports the weaker players and gives us some redundancy for when we (eventually) perform as five or ten.
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    HI Nick
    I replied saying that Im available on cornet