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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by chrisjohnston, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Many corporates use programmes like "Websense" to filer out websites they don't want staff to access.

    The link above is classified by Websense as a "Malicious Web Site". You might want to look into that!
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    I think it's the "" domain that the blocking software is picking up (at my company we're using a blocking service called Barracuda, and it's blocking everything under that domain).

    You might want to consider registering a real domain name, particularly if you're trying to sell things. A lot of people are reluctant to buy from concerns that do not have their own domains.
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    Hi Many thanks.
    However it is not a malicious web site.


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    £60 is rather a lot of dosh for a 3minute piece!
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    That's as maybe but you saying that isn't going to change the way these applications work.
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    ps: the sound file doesn't play on my system - which is bulk standard Win XP. I had to download to the PC and then play it. Plus, is the identity of the composer a secret? He/she doesn't seem to be mentioned.
    Can't say it did anything for me I'm afraid and have to agree on the price comment HBB made. If I am going to spend £60 I would expect a chart that has more to it musically than this. My opinion of course.
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    Your webspace is still freewebs because you are using framed web forwarding for your helius domain name.
    I would expect any business who are serious to be using a full hosting account (only about £40 upwards). Using web forwarding is ok for simple sites (personal etc) but it can harm your SEO ranking and also adds needless frames to your site.