New series of Celtic euphonium solos from Prima Vista Musikk

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    Following the success of Celtic Charm, the solo CD from David Childs, accompanied by Cory Band, Prima Vista Musikk have published nine of the solos from the recording in a special 'Celtic' series for euphonium and brass band.

    The solos are available individually from World of Brass and will be on sale at the World of Brass trade stand at the European Brass Band Championships in Stavanger.

    The nine solos are as follows, click on each for more information and to order;

    'Neath the Dublin Skies (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)

    Ar Lan y Mor (On the Sea Shore) (Welsh Traditional arr. Leigh Baker)

    The Irish Washerwoman (Irish Traditional arr. Rodney Newton)

    Amidst a Celtic Dream (Benjamin Tubb)

    Twm Sion Cati (Rodney Newton)

    Tros y Garreg (Over the Stone) (Welsh Traditional arr. Tony Small)

    A Celtic Charm (Philip Wilby)

    Caelidh (Rodney Newton)

    Reels and Jigs (Darrol Barry)
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    Just had the solo parts sent to me from the Celtic Charm cd and would like to thank the publishers. I will of course, have the band purchase some of these pieces.
    A suggestion, why not inlude the solo parts when selling these solo cd's. Budding solo players and the more experienced are surely the main market for this type of disc!
    Again, many thanks to the thoughtful publishers.

    Adrian Nurney (York Imps)
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    Hi Adrian.
    A great suggestion in theory but a bit harder to justify in practice.

    Celtic Charm has been a very good selling solo CD and so is likely to have been purchased by a much wider audience than just soloists. It would have been a considerable waste in printing (and extra packing) to have produced and included even just the solo parts published by Prima Vista Musikk.
    That set me thinking that maybe they could be included on the disc itself, to be printed off if and when the purchaser wished to do so. Again, fine in theory but the Prima Vista Musikk titles weren't actually published until several months after the CD was produced.

    Celtic Charm is slightly unusual in that music for 11 of the 18 tracks are from one publisher, Prima Vista Musikk. The music for the other 7 tracks are published by 7 different publishers so, if this this idea was taken up in the future it would require co-operation from a number of different parties.

    Having said that, there are CDs produced on other labels which only concern themselves with music that they actually publish so adding the solo part to those CDs would, I guess, be relatively straightforward.

    By the way, I started this thread by listing nine solos from this disc that were published by Prima Vista Musikk. Since then, the tenth title, Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Wheat), has been published too.

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