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    New Releases from Darrol Barry


    A bright and breezy opener for your concerts.


    Music from the animated film, a cool jazz waltz.

    The Magic of Mozart

    In the style of our previous success ‘Classical Gold’, this collection brings Mozart’s most famous melodies to the masses.

    Marches on Parade

    Everybody loves a good march and this collection is bursting at the seams with some of the finest. Guaranteed to win over the most miserable of audiences! Ideal for the forthcoming Rememberance Concerts

    All the above titles are available from where you can listen to samples or buy the CD ‘Lets Get Loud’ performed by the European Champions, Brass Band Willebroek.


    Adagio for Strings

    Barber’s timeless classic skilfully transcribed.

    March to the Scaffold

    From it’s menacing opening through to it’s tremendous climax, Berlioz’ classic is faithfully transcribed. If your timp player complains of being bored, buy this!

    Ride of the Valkyries

    This arrangement is not for the faint hearted, this is the full fat version with nowt taken out, it sounds like it should.


    Back to the Future

    Alan Silvestre’s sparkling music will make a great concert opener or anywhere you would prefer for a splash of colour.

    Going the Distance – The Final Bell

    Music by Bill Conti from the original Rocky film , this sequence accompanies Rocky’s fight back and victory.

    Prelude and Lara’s Theme from Doctor Zhivago

    Music by Maurice Jarre, this timeless classic will add a touch of class to your programmes and give your soloists a workout in the process.

    The above titles are available from, the film themes are recently available on the cd ‘Black Dyke play Greatest Movie Hits volume 2’.


    Concerto for Baritone

    Dedicated to and premiered by Helen Tyler of the Fodens Richardson Band, the Concerto is now available with piano accompaniment from or 0208 830 0110

    For more information on any of the above titles, please feel free to contact me on , they will be added to the website in due course.

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