New Releases from Thornes Music (November 2004)

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    New releases for November 2004

    Little Drummer Boy

    Arranged by Gerry McColl
    Sometimes the simplest ideas work best and that is certainly the case with this new arrangement.
    Gerry has taken this popular traditional Chez Carol and placed it over the running bass line of Ravel's famous Bolero.
    Interesting! - but it works.
    This should make an ideal addition to your Christmas Concert Repertoire.

    Full Brass Band Score and Set of Parts - £14.00

    Top Brass - Cornet Trio

    Gerry McColl
    Following on from Gerry's popular 'Trombone Mambo' comes another trio, this time written for cornets.
    Again this should make a refreshing change to the present Cornet Trio repertoire

    Full Brass Band Score and Set of Parts - £18.00

    Other recent releases from Gerry McColl

    Trombone Mambo
    Composed by Gerry McColl
    The mambo is a very popular and sensual dance, with African and Cuban rhythms and this new composition by Gerry McColl captures the essence of the dance. It features the Trombone section, as the title states, but also keeps the percussion section very busy. It should make a pleasant contrast to the more 'serious' music in your concert repertoire. Ideal for your Christmas Concert.

    Full Brass Band Score and Set of Parts - £18.00

    A Scotch Snap
    Arranged by Gerry McColl
    A Scotch Snap is a clever arrangement of many traditional Scottish Melodies including: My Love She's But A Lassie Yet, Annie Laurie, The Black Bear, Will Ye No' Come Back Again and a brief snippet of Scotland the Brave.

    Full Brass Band Score and Set of Parts - £18.00

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