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    A big Thank You to all our customers in 2007 and we hope to see you again in 2008. Listed below is a list of our latest releases for Brass Band and Ensembles plus our first ten pieces in our new Concert Band Range, which will be added to in 2008. Please visit to see our complete catalogue and listen to the scores via the Scorch feature.


    70901 Calon Lan (Concert arrangement) arranged by David Mann £20.00
    70902 Mandolina (Quartet) Simon Haslett £15.00
    70903 The Ash Grove (Quartet) arr Simon Haslett £15.00
    71001 A Song At Sunset (Tenor Horn Solo) Alan Ingram £20.00
    71002 Vocalise (Euphonium Solo) arr Mike Lyons £20.00
    71003 Poco Agagio (Classical arrangement) arr Nigel Simmons £20.00
    71004 At The Round Earth's Imagined Corners (Test Piece) Derek Jones £50.00
    71101 Barock (Original Concert Piece) Eileen Tingle £20.00


    CB001 Elegy For Richard Nigel Hall £40.00
    CB002 March: The Carnival King arr Nigel Hall £40.00
    CB003 Gaudete! arr Nigel Hall £40.00
    CB004 Basse Danse Bergerette arr Nigel Hall £40.00
    CB005 Pop Goes The Canon! arr Nigel Hall £40.00
    CB006 Petite Polka Nigel Hall £40.00
    CB007 Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen arr Nigel Hall £40.00
    CB008 Calon Lan arr David Mann £40.00
    CB009 Barock Eileen Tingle £40.00
    CB010 The Fields of Athenry arr Nigel Hall £40.00

    Please note that any order placed after January 1st 2008 will be subject to a small P&P charge.
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    Our new 2008 Catalogue is now available as a pdf download from any of the catalogue pages on the website (

    Happy New Year