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    Listed below are our latest releases which are now showing on our website []

    70302 Cheerful Chuba Alan Ingram Eb Bass Solo £20.00
    70401 March: Vectis Isle Alan Ingram £15.00
    70402 Londonderry Air arr Daniel Basford £20.00
    70403 Girls Are Made To Love And Kiss Lehar arr Peter Hartley Trombone Solo £20.00
    70501 Psalm 98 Paul Hamilton Major Work £45.00
    70502 A Pennine Hymn Alan Ingram Original Hymn £15.00
    70601 March: The Band Club Alan Ingram £15.00
    70602 Winter Swans Simon Haslett (Quartet) £15.00
    70701 The Primrose arr Simon Haslett (Quartet) £15.00
    70702 The Fields of Athenry arr Nigel Hall £20.00
    70801 Bletchington Green Nigel Hall March £20.00
    70802 Revelation Eileen Tingle £20.00
    70803 Finale to Symphony No. 8 Dvorak arr Peter Hartley £20.00
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