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    New music available from 23 august 2004:

    Red & Black, a new concert march from the pen of Marco Middelberg
    Canto Religioso - Rieks van der Velde
    Sinfonietta - Leos Janacek, arr. by Steven Hamstra
    Bull's Eye - Rieks van der Velde
    Band of Brothers, music from the HBO tv-miniseries, arranged by Rieks van der Velde
    Do You Know Where You're Going To? The famous "Theme from Mahogany" as performed by Diana Ross.
    Hook - film music by John Williams
    The Last Samurai - film music by Hans Zimmer

    and for Christmas:
    Feliz Navidad, the very well known tune by José Feliciano.

    We have added some mp3 files to our site(broadband internet strongly recommended!). More to follow!

    We have also produced our first demo-cd catalogue, available from 16 august. Ask for your free copy on our website:

    Lake Music Publications