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  1. New Releases for January 2005 for Brass Band from


    Arrangements and Compositions performed at the ‘Brass In Concert’ Championships, Spennymoor 2004

    CMP000084 Lullaby for James - Andrew Duncan £ 25.00
    All profits from the sale of this piece will be donated to the ‘Evelina Childrens Heart Organisation’ (E.C.H.O) helping children born with congenital heart defects and their families.

    CMP000052 Scherzo from Symphony No.10 - Shostakovich arr. Duncan £ 25.00

    CMP000086 The Bass Boys (Bass Feature) - Beach Boys arr. Duncan £ 25.00

    CMP000089 1001 Nights (Scheherezade) - Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Harper £ 30.00

    CMP000090 Witches Sabbath from ‘Symphonie Fantastique’ - Berlioz arr. Duncan £ 30.00

    Other ‘New Releases’ from Crabtree Music for Brass Band

    CMP000088 Ruler of the Spirits (Overture) - C. M. von Weber arr. W. Halliwell £ 30.00
    The legendary version by the great William Halliwell recently recorded by Black Dyke. Fully edited and engraved by Robin Norman and produced in association with the Travelsphere Holidays Band.

    CMP000046 Twilight Dreams (Cornet Solo) - H. Clarke arr. Freeh £ 25.00
    As recorded by Roger Webster on the album of the same name.

    CMP000055 Scherzo – Furioso (Symphony No.6) - A. Dvorak arr. Bowen £ 30.00

    Soon to be released as a CD Single by the Same Recording Company as Eva Cassidy

    “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

    featuring Alan Morrison and the Brighouse and Rastrick Band

    Sheet Music Published by Crabtree Music

    (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow arranged by Alan Morrison

    CMP000061 Cornet Solo with Brass Band Accompaniment £ 25.00

    CMP000064 Cornet or Trumpet Solo with Piano Accompaniment £ 10.00

    CMP000065 Version for Brass Quintet (Trumpet/Cornet Solo) £ 15.00
    All versions come complete with Soloist parts in Eb and Bb.

    Plus many other titles for Brass Band, Brass Ensemble, Concert Band, Orchestra and Solo Instruments

    Available from all Good Music Retailers or direct from the Publisher:-

    Crabtree Music Publications
    PO Box 484
    Bury St. Edmunds
    IP30 9ZF

    Tel: +44 (0)870 224 2258
    Fax: +44 (0)870 224 2259

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