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    The Music Company (UK) Ltd are pleased to offer you four great new ways to brighten up your concert repertoire.

    In The Bleak Midwinter (with a Celtic twist)
    Brass Band arr. Gregor Beattie
    Soundfile and sample score available at
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    Price: £20.00

    An inspirational and passionate new arrangement of this much loved carol which is set to add a new dynamic to your Christmas concert programme.

    Gregor Beatie is another new discovery for The Music Company and this first publication is testament to his talent.

    The innovative approach to this traditional carol lets the music flow with beauty and imagination. A strong development section gives the carol a very striking celtic, Braveheart-esque moment which really brings the arrangement to another level.

    A perfect way to bring new content to your Christmas concert whilst maintaining a traditional feel.

    Sine Metu (Without Fear)
    Brass Band comp. Andrew Duncan
    Soundfile and sample score available at
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    Price: £30.00

    Commissioned in 2008 by the Bo'ness and Carriden Band to celebrate their 150th anniversary, this march is now available for other bands to enjoy as a perfect opener or closer for their concerts.

    Its title takes the band's own motto, translated as "Without Fear", and the march offers an exciting and lively programme choice with a lovely strident trio section coming from the lower brass.

    An exciting item for any concert programme or entertainment competition.

    Breakaway Fanfare & Romance
    Brass Band comp. David Hext
    Soundfile and sample score available at
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    Price: £25.00

    This piece is another excellent original composition, adding fresh interest to a concert or contest programme.

    The grand fanfare of the opening instantly catches the attention of the audience, followed by a delightfully gentle melody for the Romance which is reflected around the sections with some wonderful chordal sounds to build the intensity. The piece closes with a return to the fanfare theme and a definitive flourish to the end.

    A very playable piece which will sit comfortably in all concert programmes.

    Journey Home
    Euphonium Solo with Brass Band comp. Lucy Pankhurst
    Soundfile and sample score available at
    Find out about Lucy Pankhurst at
    Price: £25.00

    Written for the Euphonium player of the Wingates Band, this composition offers a wonderful variety of music all wrapped up in one piece.

    Starting with a hymnal melody with beautiful, building harmonies and incorporating some great techniques for added effect, the euphonium then moves into a more rhythmic element which is brilliantly echoed throughout the band.

    Unusual and unexpected sounds and rhythms all combine to make this a 'standard' in the euphonium player's repertoire and band's concert programme.

    Where to Look, Listen and Buy
    To make things easier for you, don't forget you can have a 'listen and a look' by visiting our website at and downloading the soundfile and sample scores for both these titles.

    Both titles are available to purchase online with secure payment options via, or through your regular music supplier.

    We've also got a whole range of other new and featured titles - so why not take a look and find out more about how The Music Company (UK) Ltd can help you brighten up your concert and contest repertoire.

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