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    Symphony No.1
    By Ludwig Van Beethoven
    Arr. Juliam M. Blakestone

    When Beethoven's First Symphony was premiered on April 2 1800, the audience was baffled by the audacity of its composer. Although the work seems, to late 20th century ears, to be little different from the late symphonies of Mozart and - especially - Haydn, the very opening bars gave notice to the musical world that here was a composer to be watched. Now the first movement has been arranged for full brass band, making the perfect alternative to an overture at a concert.

    Full score & parts: £18.95

    The “Farewell” Symphony
    By Joseph Haydn
    Arr. Neville Buxton

    Composed in 1772, Haydn’s Symphony No.45, better known as the “Farewell Symphony” due to the circumstances of which it was composed. Haydn’s employer, Prince Nikolaus became so attracted to his Eszterhaza Castle, he spent longer and longer there each year. The court musicians were not allowed their families with them and became increasingly depressed. This symphony was composed in such a way, that during the last movement, one by one, each player blew out their candle, and crept of stage. The idea being that the prince would get the subtle hint. The next day, the court returned to Vienna! Arranged in the same way, players able to walk off one by one, a perfect ending to a concert, or first half.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    By Carl Nielson
    Arr. Bill Willis

    The opera, Masqurade, plot revolves around Leander and Leonora, two young persons who meet fortuitously at a masquerade ball, swear their undying love for each other and exchange rings. The following day, Leander tells a servant of his newfound love. He soon becomes distraught when informed by the servant that his parents have betrothed him in marriage to a neighbour’s daughter. Things get complicated when Leonard, the neighbour whose daughter is the other part of the previously unknown arrangement, comes complaining to Leander's father that his daughter is in love with someone she met at the masquerade last night. In the third act, all is resolved when the various parties slip off to the night's masquerade, where all is revealed to everyone's mutual satisfaction. The overture is a stunning work, very entertaining for audiences and players alike

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    Dies Irae (From “Mass For The Dead”)
    By G. Verdi
    Arr. Richard Jones

    From Verdi’s Requiem Mass, completed to mark the first anniversary of Alessandro Manzoni’s death, an Italian poet and novelist much admired by Verdi. The famous Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath) is sure to make your audiences sit up and listen. Used in countless TV and film appearances, a rewarding but taxing workout for the entire band.

    Full score & parts: £18.95

    The Leadpipe
    By William Elsom

    A great typical British style Brass Band March. Composed for the “The Mouthpiece March Competition”. The title comes from the fact, that as we all know, A mouthpiece fits in a leadpipe!

    Full score & parts: £16.95


    A Gaelic Blessing
    By John Rutter
    Arr. Stephen Tighe

    John Rutter, born in 1945, has become a favorite amongst all sacred music lovers. His anthems and Christmas pieces all have a rich melodic base, and this piece is no exception. Alternatively known as Deep Peace, the gentle nature of both the words and melody have made this piece a firm favourite at christenings, weddings and funerals.

    Full score & parts: £15.95

    Home Away From Home
    By Phil Coulter
    Arr. Steven Hague

    This gorgeous melody has been made famous by the virtuoso flautist James Galway, popularised on Classic FM and now arranged for brass band with a solo cornet taking the starring role. A perfect concert item, such a simple melody, but heart warming and playable by most bands.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    Be Still (In The Presence Of The Lord)
    By David J. Evans
    Arr. Stephen Tighe

    Ever increasing in popularity, voted in "Songs Of Praise's" Top 10! Now, Arranged and dedicated to those who lost their lives in London, July 7th 2005. This really is one of the most gorgeous melodies you will ever hear. Marked “Molto Cantabile” and “With great feeling” throughout, a heart-warming hymn tune to be enjoy by all who play, and all who hear it. Playable by most levels of bands.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

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    Any chance of letting us know who the arrangers are?

    TIMBONE Active Member

    I like the look of the "Farewell" Symphony, I will have a word with our MD about it. It has a good story behind it. It was one of my set works for 'A' level music, and I always remember our teacher telling us that it was possibly the first example of Trade Unionism!!!
  4. Hi Tim,

    It does make for a wonderful conclusion to a first half, and coupled with the story behind it, always goes down well with audiences.


  5. PeterBale

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    I don't know that the Health & Safety police would be very happy about lighted candles on stage these days, though ;)
  6. Might have to be substituted for torches, or even miners’ helmets & lamps! ;-)

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