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    Yorkshire and London and Southern Counties are collaborating to provide a new RSS feed that will keep 'subscribers' up to date with key announcements on the regional websites. Other regions with a web presence have been invited to join the RSS service as will other regions when they establish web pages in the future. We hope that the feed will, in the end, carry information from all competing regions.

    We hope that this new service will be an easy way for users to be able to be quickly find out about the release of important information on the regional websites such as the announcement of adjudicators, contest timings and the all important grading tables.

    The RSS feed is available from

    or visit the regional contest web pages and follow the links

    This is my first post to tMP so hopefully this is in the correct place!

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    Looks about right to me Stuart.

    Welcome to tMP mate. I'm wondering, do you remember me?