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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by WhatSharp?, Oct 17, 2006.

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    having just read the 4BR article on prize money, I was thinking isn't it about time a new system of ranking bands was used based on the major contests?. With such high prize money of offer (for lower section bands more than anything) at venues such as Butlins and Pontins the standard of competition is much higher than our own area contest as bands have much more to go for. It seems to me that the only point of attending the Nationals for many bands is simply to retain their ranking for the year.
    I appreciate that if Rankings were based not just on one contest but ALL contests (with whatever weighting system) we would have a much fairer assesment of a bands ability, rather than the "do or die" one contest approach (which for some bands means beg borrowing or stealing as many players as they can and then being short handed for the rest of the year).
    Or is the "association" (as it is) scared that it can't offer bands better contests than organisers such as butlins and pontins? thus causing the nationals to fold?

    just a thought.... comments?
    (p.s. I don't think theres an easy solution to this one)...
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    I agree to some extent, but the OPEN is the golden goose and then the national is up there as well. Who doesn't want to play in the RAH? I would rather play there than in the night club in Pontins.
  3. On the RAH issue, I guess it's because of the cost to run but I feel it's a shame that only the top section get to play there for the Nationals. Could there not be a system using average scores/positions over the contest year, though I supose that would be considered unfair if a band came third in an area, missed the nationals and ended up high in the rankings on a one off performance possibly with lots of borrowed players....
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    But you get to play with Elvis looking over you at Pontins. Don't get that at RAH.

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    It`s a good idea to rank bands on the contests they enter, and results, but it will never happen, because what there is in place now, is basically right, barring a few adjustments.
    A slow evolution is needed, tradition should be a important focal point, with innovation an important part of the brass band movement.
    Don`t forget where we have come from.
    Saying that, I like pontins, all that social life. It`s part of tradition now isn`t it.
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    Every band has the opportunity to enter the Regional Contest thus gaining points and the hope of going on to their respective National Finals.
    Most other contests have a limit to the number of bands who can enter.
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    We have a ranking system in Scotland for the "Band of the Year" award, gaining points depending on the contest and how many bands you beat etc over the banding year (1st Nov-31 Oct). Prize giving is at the Scottish Open in Nov.

    They dont settle promotion/demotion etc, its just for winning a nice trophy!

    More info on how it works here.
  8. matthetimp

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    Wales has a 'local' league system over 3 contests which helps decide promotion and demotion. But the prize money is appaulling