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    How many of you today bought the Sunday newspaper that gave a free copy of Prince's new album 'Planet Earth'? Apparently it has cost in the region of £250,000 in potential sales revenue as a result of his actions. The album is actually quite decent even by Prince's own standards over the years. Is he playing a carefully managed publicity stunt or is it telling the record industry something? Prince has been mainly promoting his work online in the last few years and 'sold' new releases with site membership. What do you think of what he done? Is this the only way he can bring more attention to himself? :confused:
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    Think I saw something on the small print of the TV advert about some concerts at the O2 Arena..............if I'm not mistaken, think that's the reason ;)
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    - he still has a huge & loyal fanbase though ... maybe there was some pressure from his employers? I, like many, have followed his musical development since his early days and have nothing but respect for his musicianship and ability. Shame that his style of writing hasn't kept up with the popular vote though (maybe personal reasons have affected this!). One thing though, I felt the production quality of the freebee wasn't up to his usual Paisley Park standards.
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    Prince has never had a happy relationship with "the business". Remember his spat with his record company a few years back that resulted in his name change to a symbol and appearing with the word slave etched on his cheek. I have always admired him and his music and two of his live gigs are among some of the best I've been at. I remember after one gig at Celtic Park me and my mates all went along to King Tuts in Glasgow for a jar before going home and Prince turned up and done an impromptu set. I think Prince is being very astute with this album release. He can see the way music distribution is moving and, in his own way, is sending a message to the record companies.

    It's a good album by the way and I do have my tickets for the O2 arena.
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    It all makes sense now ...

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    Sounds like he's fed up with the music industry. Still looking forward to his concert!, got my tickets too! 4th August...
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    I think I heard on the news that the Sunday Mail circulation is about 2 Million and his last album sold about 80 thousand copies, so he might end up making more money. Also I heard his concert tickets were priced reasonably.
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    Compared to U2, The Police and the Stones they were very reasonable.