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    Having only been established for 12 months, Norfolk Wherry Brass will be making their debut at Stevenage in the L&SC 4th Section.

    The band has developed rapidly through its first year under MD Andrew Craze and has announced the following new signings in time for the Stevenage Contest: Philip Charlwood (Principal), Peter Dowsett (Front Row), Leigh Sharpe (Soprano), Geoff Barber (Flugel), Linda Purdy (Solo Horn), Andy Lennox (Baritone), Keith Simmons and Chris Jeffs (BBb Bass) and Andy Purdy and Jason Kirby (Percussion). The band is also delighted to see the return of Solo Euphonium player, Steve Clarke. Steve had decided to take a short break from playing before Christmas due to the demands of a career change but is now glad to be back in the hot seat.

    And whilst they're in town for the Stevenage contest, Norfolk Wherry will be making a full weekend of it by putting on a charity concert at the Knights Templar School, Baldock on Saturday 19 March, the night before their contest appearance.

    For details about the band, see

    Norfolk Wherry Brass
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    Is that Chris Jeffs who was living in Desborough near Kettering a couple of years ago?
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    There can be only one!:cool:
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    Tell him I said hi! And good luck to him and the rest of your band at the area!

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    havn't you missed somebody out?!