New players at Malmö Brass

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    New players at Malmö Brass

    With the Swedish Brass Band Championships due in mid November, Malmö Brass welcomes new players to the band.

    Lina and Maja Wallberg, twins from Torsby, have moved to Malmö – Lina on 2nd Euphonium and Maja on 1st horn.

    Per Ivarsson has returned to the band combining his music studies in Germany and will be playing bumper up to Jan Winborg.

    Meanwhile two of the members from the junior band have also begun to play in Malmö Brass Band - Markus Rydén on 3rd cornet and Konrad Wernersson on 2nd horn.

    They have all had a warm welcome to Malmö Brass Band!

    If you would like any more information about the band, then please log on to their website at
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