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    We would like to welcome Emma Yeoman to Corby Silver Band. Up until 10 years ago Emma played with Kettering Gold and Silver Band and has decided she would like to get back into the banding scene. Emma takes up the Solo Horn position which was previously vacant.

    Hopefully joining us full time in September is Lucy Williams, who will join the bass section on Eb bass. Lucy recently helped out at a concert the band was giving and decided it was so much fun, playing with the guys and gals from Corby, that she wants to be a full time member. Good on ya Lucy and welcome to the band.

    Unfortunately Becky Maglone has decided to leave the band, which means Sophie Roberts will now be principal trombone, leading Savannah Bone and Tim Langtree on second and Chris Jeffs on Bass trombone.

    Mark Coull has recently transferred from repiano cornet to soprano cornet, so we currently have a vacancy for repiano cornet. Any suitable cornet players out there I wonder??

    Solo Cornet Eve Harrison will be leaving us in September to go to university. Unfortunately for the band this means we will have an empty chair on the front row cornet section.

    Current vacancies
    The band still has vacancies for Bb cornets and Bb bass. Although all brass and percussion players are most welcome. If you are interested in joining the band please PM me or email

    We look forward from hearing from you.

    Sunshine x
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    New players join Corby Silver Band

    We are pleased to announce that two new players have joined Corby Silver Band.

    Mark Wrightson has joined the solo cornet bench - filling the gap left after Eve Harrison went to university. Mark has previous experience playing with 1st section bands whilst he was at university further north in the country.

    We also welcome David Williams who joins the percussion section with Oliver and Aidan. David showed an interest in joining the band not long after his sister Lucy (Eb bass) became a full time member last month.

    We wish both new players a long and happy time playing with the band.
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    Players return to Corby Silver Band

    We would like to welcome Michelle Beeby back to Corby Silver Band. Michelle rejoined the band to help out during the busy Christmas engagement season and is now a permanent member of the cornet section.

    We also welcome back Sandra Preston to the horn section. Sandra took a break from the band during last year and has now decided that she would like to become a full time member of the band again.

    The band continues to go from strength to strength under the leadership of our new MD Geoff Riseley. :clap:

    For more information about Corby Silver Band:
    please email
    or look at our website

    Sunshine x
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    We are pleased to welcome Jeremy Wood who has filled the vacant Bb bass position. Jeremy joined to help out at the area contest in March and is having so much fun at Corby Silver Band, he keeps coming back for more. This is great news for the band as it has been a while since we had a full bass section.

    We also welcome with open arms Cynthia Riseley to the back row cornet section. Not only is Cynthia an excellent player but she is being a huge help to the younger members on the back row with her continuous support and encouragement. Thank you Cynthia.
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    Corby Silver Band goes from strength to strength

    We have recently had a influx of new players at Corby Silver Band.

    We have now filled the soprano cornet position which had been vacant for almost a year.

    We also welcome Jodie Hamlett to the band on 2nd baritone. Jodie previously played back row cornet for the band, but left for a while, whilst she focused on her education - so it is nice to see Jodie returning to the band.

    We are extremely lucky to have been joined by not one, but two bass trombone players - Dan Lane will be playing at the area contest in March, and supporting our youngest player Matthew Rhodes, who is still in the early days of his musical experience.

    Another new member who has joined us recently is Fiona Belford, who has joined the horn section.

    So things definitely on the up for Corby Silver Band. It's the place to be!!!

    Would be nice to fill the Principal Euphonium vacancy soon. ;) PM if interested.
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    Can't join but happy to help you out if you need a dep - you know how to get hold of me already! :-D
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    Thanks Di, much appreciated. x
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    Things are definitley on the up for Corby Silver Band. First we received a good result at the are a contest - our best result for a few years, although if we hadn't of had to wait for so long (more than 3/4 hour in the warm-up room), then we might have been able to make the top 10. Unfortunately the incresaed wait led to nerves kicking in and definite dry mouths. But never mind, onwards and upwards.

    We also have had two new players join the band. Firstly Tony Wheeler has joined on euphonium, so Pete Beale has transferred on to Eb bass, giving us a full bass section once more. And Sarah Norman has joined the cornet section on the back row.
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    Two new players

    We are pleased to announce two new signings to the band. This has helped to strengthen the back row cornet and trombone sections in time for our autumn concert and contest season.

    We will have details about further new members shortly. :clap:

    For more details about our friendly, hard working band please see our website
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    Corby Silver Band are on the up

    Corby Silver Band are pleased to announce that since our last post, 3 more new players have joined the band. There has been a lot of interest in the band recently with additions to the cornet, baritone and trombone sections, with the possiblity of a new horn player joining in the next couple of weeks.

    Things are certainly on the up for the band. Over the last 3 years we have received a higher placing than the year before in the midlands area contest and are looking forward to showing the improvement in our playing in the LBBA contest in November.

    Just need to get a soprano and bass player or two now to complete the band.
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    Yet more signings for Corby Silver Band

    Just before Christmas we welcomed back Michelle Beeby who has returned following the birth of her gorgeous baby boy, Matthew. Michelle continues playing repiano cornet. We also welcomed Carl Martin and Willie Allan to the back row cornet section. Both have returned to the banding scene after taking a break - in one case 20 years !!!!

    Since the new year we have welcomed another two players. Melanie Bones has joined the trombone section on bass trombone. Melanie has joined us from Fleckney band.

    Also we welcome Julius Ciapas on Bb bass. This is a huge boost to the bass section, which was left somewhat depleted following the retirement of two of the bands longest serving members. There is also news of another bass player re-joining the band. Look out for more about this later.

    Current vacancies
    The band still has vacancies for Bb cornet (position to suit).
    Also an additional tenor horn and percussion player would be nice to strengthen the sections, as due to other commitments two of our players can only attend part time.

    ALL brass and percussion players are most welcome. If you are interested in joining the band please PM me or email

    We look forward from hearing from you.

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