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    First, may I wish all at tMP a very good Christmas season, and all the best for the new year. 2006 is nearly done, and besides meeting lots of tMP friends and aquaintances, I will always remember hearing Elaine singing "My Little Welsh Home" with Wem, and hearing Timbloke play "National Express" with the tMP band at Pontins.

    Visit my website and read the newsticker at the top of the first page. The first tMP member to PM me with the title of this new arrangement will receive a free set for their band when it is published on 1st January 2007.

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    Thank you for the response so far. For those who have not seen the clue to the title of the song yet, it is "Reach for the Stars in 2007". It is interesting that most of the answers have been a piece of Sci Fi/Space theme music. It is much more down to earth than that, and if I tell you that there were seven of them, maybe I am giving you the answer, so I won't do that :eek: ;) OK, so who is going to get a new year gift from TP Music? I will tell you what the new publication is on 1st January, and if anyone has PM'd me the correct title by midnight on New Years Eve, I will announce the winner as well.
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    Happy New Year!

    So who's the winner, Tim?

    I didn't enter because you told me (and a Select Club of just over half-a-dozen) what you were working on some time ago, so it wouldn't have been fair.

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    Sorry for the delay, among other things, I have been recycling an extaordinary amount of 'lucozade' bottles following the festivities!

    When the group S Club 7, (an able bunch with a wide appeal to all ages), released the song "REACH"in the year 2000, it soon became a hit with many people, and still is. Julie and myself were at a large event last September, and saw the effect of this song on a mixed audience - it brought the house down! Besides more serious projects, I am a great believer in entertaining the brass band's largest audience, the general public, which is why I have been very happy to produce this arrangement of a song which is full of fun.

    I gave the first line of the chorus, "Reach for the stars" as a clue. The first person to PM me with the actual title of the song - Reach - was BARITONEDEAF - who will recieve the first copy free of charge.

    If you want to order it for your band, you can either order it direct from me, and it will be sent with an invoice for £18, or if you wish to pay with a card, it can be ordered from

    Happy New Year
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    Ha nice one Oli!
  6. Baritonedeaf

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    Get ready to play it Jen - i am sure Barb will love it!
  7. Baritonedeaf

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    It arrived today - thank you Tim.

    I have had a good luck through the score and am even more excited about it! It looks cracking! Can't wait to play it at band!