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    This is a recording of of my youth orchestra running through one of my compositions, with me conducting. I used the composition for one of two pieces of composition coursework for my GCSE (of which I am studying for at Holmfirth High School) and I used it as part of my Chethams School of Music application portfolio, where I was successful in gaining a place. It doesn't have all of the parts ect. as e.g. a few couldn't make it and so one or two parts had to be altered, but the effect of the piece isn't lost much at all by this.

    The piece was originally named 'Forest of Horror', but I intended to use a choir, so wanted the words to sound scarier, so I typed 'forest of horror' into a translator on the internet and went through a few languages until I got to Norwegian and found 'Skog av Shrekk'!
    The opening is very medieval sounding because of the proportion of woodwind used and the stressed use of the tonic and dominant notes within many of the chords. The piece starts off quietly and gradually builds by the addition of instruments and dynamics.
    It then jumps into a serialistic, minimalistic section, where the violins and violas are playing a hexachord (which is built up dynamically and note by note) until loud bass notes from the hexachord enter in octaves from all of the lower instruments. A battle then begins to rage (with unpredictable semiquaver runs between the bass notes) between the woodwind and piano and the trumpets and xylophone, whilst the horns play a tune using the notes from the hexachord. The trumpets and xylophone win the battle and the top two trumpets carry on their runs, whilst the horns carry on their tune and the majority of the orchestra play Ds in octaves.
    The music then dies away and gradually builds up to the third section of the piece which begins with a reprise of the opening melody but in a major key and very maestoso. A new tune then enters before the music returns to the first theme of the section.
    In the fourth and final section, the music rushes towards the end, with shock notes from the transposed hexachord, as well as chromatic passages and trombone glissandos. The final two bars are extremely quiet, consisting of a clarinet playing the perfect fifth interval (which is heard in various different places throughout the piece) and a single pizzicato double bass note.
    The piece describes getting deeper into the forest (section 1), being terrified in the middle of the forest and rushing to get out (section 2), being out of the forest (section 3) and the horrors of the forest which are still within (section 4). The aim of section 4 is also designed to give an element of shock and surprise.
    The structure of the first 3 sections was inspired by Malcolm Arnolds 'Peterloo Overture' and the 4th section by the finale of Philip Sparkes 'Music of the Spheres'.

    I hope you enjoy it and I would be grateful of any feedback.

    Thomas Brown
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