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  1. Maestro

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    Thought I would share this one with you all.

    In an effort to keep you abreast of the ever-changing world of musical terms,
    check these out.


    Adagio Fromaggio -- To play in a slow and cheesy manner.
    AnDante -- A musical composition that is infernally slow.
    Angus Dei -- To play with a divine, beefy tone.
    Anti-phonal -- Referring to the prohibition of cell phones in the concert hall.
    A Patella -- Unaccompanied knee slapping.
    Appologgiatura -- A composition, solo, or instrument you regret playing.
    Approximatura -- A series of notes played by a performer, not intended by the composer.
    Approximento -- A musical entrance that is somewhere in the vicinity of the correct pitch.
    Bar Line -- What musicians form after a concert.
    Concerto Grossissimo -- A really bad performance.
    Coral Symphony -- (see Beethoven-Caribbean period).
    Cornetti Trombosis Disastrous -- The entanglement of brass instruments that can occur when musicians exit hastily down the stage stairs.
    Dill Piccolino -- A wind instrument that plays only sour notes.
    Fermantra -- A note that is held over and over and over and....
    Fermoota -- A rest of indefinite length and dubious value.
    Fog Hornoso -- A sound that is heard when the conductor's intentions are not clear.
    Frugalhorn -- A sensible, inexpensive, brass instrument.
    Gaul Blatter -- A French horn player.
    Good Conductor - A person who can give an electrifying performance or one who obeys the orchestra and/or chorus.
    Gregorian Champ -- Monk who can hold a note the longest.
    Kvetchendo -- Gradually getting annoyingly louder.
    Mallade -- A romantic song that's pretty awful.
    Molto bolto -- Head straight for the ending.
    Opera buffa -- Musical stage production by nudists.
    Poochini Musical -- Performance accompanied by a dog.
    Pre-Classical Conservatism -- School of thought which fostered the idea,"If it ain't baroque, don't fix it."

    Spritzicato -- Plucking of a stringed instrument to produce a bright, bubbly
    sound, usually accompanied by sparkling water with lemon
    (wine optional).
    Tempo Tantrumo -- When a band refuses to keep time with the conductor
    Tincanabulation -- The annoying or irritating sounds made by extremely cheap bells.
    Vesuvioso -- A gradual build up to a fiery conclusion.
    ZZZfortzando -- Playing REALLY loud in order to wake up the audience.


    They were very good i will have to pass them on to my MD :lol:
  3. lynchie

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    Crochet - A short note, similar to being stabbed with a knitting needle.
  4. Jo Elson

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    Very good!I'll try my best to see if I can slip any of those in to a rehearsal.
  5. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    I appreciate the use of American terms, but I thought in Enlgand it was a bar queue :wink:
  6. James Yelland

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    Glossery - alternative(and incorrect) spelling of glossary
  7. Liz Courts

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    Hehehe...too true!! :roll: :D

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