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    Dear all, please take a few minutes to have a look at my new video

    This is a collection of excepts from pieces I have written over the last few months whilst in my final year at Chetham's School of Music, as well as a more recent recording of 2012: The Desolate Aftermath. All live performances were recorded at Chetham's School of Music by Jeremy Pike.

    00:07 - 2012: The Desolate Aftermath (for flute, ba─člama and double bass)
    01:11 - Demolition (for brass band)
    03:17 - Mad Rush (for clarinet, bassoon, horn and bass trombone)
    04:39 - Recomposed Baroque (for flute, harpsichord, violin and cello), winner of the BBC Proms Inspire Young Composers' Competition 2013
    06:11 - Loss (for string orchestra)
    07:16 - Synthesis (for orchestra, including soprano soloist, organ and offstage trumpets)

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