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    Here are the latest releases from MMI Music:

    March: Prussia's Glory. J.G. Piefke arr Nigel Simmons
    A typical Germanic March.

    Im Krapfenwald'l. Johann Strauss II arr Peter Hartley
    Roughly translated as The Little Jelly Doughnut Woods" This Polka features a great "argument" between a Bird Warble and Cuckoo, followed by a "rude" duck call and a gun shot! Very Spike Jones but the audiences will love it.

    Euphonium Solo - Elegy & Caprice. Mike Lyons
    A nice solo by tMP's Mike Lyons. As the title suggests after a slow opening the solo moves into high gear to the end.

    Les Miserables Trilogy. arr Matthew Hackett
    Finally MMI Music gets a follow up to our most popular arrangement "Excerpts from Les Miserables" arranged by Ron Glynn. tMP's Matthew Hackett has combined "Master Of The House", "Red and Black" and "One Day More" into a great selection that will suit most bands programming needs.

    Mr D'Oyly Carte Presents. arr Nigel Hall
    A new selection of Gilbert & Sullivan tunes - very popular with most audiences. This arrangement features: "I am the Captain of the Pinafore" from HMS Pinafore, "Tit Willow" from The Mikado, "Dance A Cachucha" from The Gondoliers, "Said I To Myself, Said I" from Iolanthe and "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General" from The Pirates Of Penzance.

    All of the above pieces cost £20.00 (inc P&P) and include full conductors score.

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