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    Our website has just been updated with the following latest releases:

    Experience a taste of London with the first three pieces based around the London Underground system from composer James Mungall.
    "Jubilee Line" "Bakerloo Line" and "Northern Line" each piece costs £20.00

    The haunting sounds of John Williams' evocative theme for the film "Schindler's List" comes to MMI Music in a new arrangement from tMP's Mike Lyons. £20.00

    A great concert starter from the pen of Nigel Hall (originally published in 2000 by Headline Music Productions) "Double Zero" returns to MMI Music. £20.00

    A wonderfully traditional sounding German march written by J.G. Piefke and arranged by Nigel Simmons why not give "Prussia's Glory" an outing. £20.00

    For the ensembles we have a new suite written by John Abbott for Cornet, Flugel, Horn and Euphonium "European Suite" is four contrasting movements - Italian Air, Russian Lament, Spanish Bolero and English Lullaby. £15.00

    And last but by no means least a new test piece aimed at the higher sections "Suburban Centres" by Matthew Hall will give all players a challenge and is musically very satisfying. £50.00
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