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    Tournament Gallop
    L.M.Gottschalk (Section 2/3+)
    All performers love a showpiece, and if there isn’t one available, they write their own. American born Louis Moreau Gottschalk was a child prodigy and became famous for writing and performing his own piano compositions. Now it’s the turn of your band to show off to the crowds with a performance of the ‘Tournament Gallop’. Arranged by Adam Rutter, the piece is largely marked ‘Presto’, though in reality, the idea was that Gottschalk would perform the work as fast as humanly possible! A purely entertainment special and one audiences will love.
    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link - Click Here

    Danse Lithuanienne (from Mlada)
    Rimsky-Korsakov (Section 2+)
    Mlada was the vision of Stepan Gedeonov in 1870 originally to be performed as a ballet, however it was not until two years later in 1872 that four of the most famous Russian composers were brought on board to score the music for the production (César Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov and Aleksandr Borodin being the composers in question). Much of the score was created, however the ballet never saw a production and no workable edition is currently in use. Lee Rogers has taken the light hearted ‘Danse Lithuanienne’ from Rimsky-Korsakov’s part of the score and arranged it for brass band. The work requires dexterity from the band and is the perfect showpiece to add to any programme.
    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link - Click Here

    Ombra Mai Fu (Cornet Solo)
    G.F. Handel (Section 4+)
    Whilst many will not know the music by name, upon hearing a few bars, the music is recognisable as one of Handel’s most famous works. This however was not always the case. ‘Ombra Mai Fu’ is the opening Aria from the opera ‘Serse’ which was a failure upon its release, lasting only five performances following its premiere. Thankfully the work was rediscovered some years later and became one of the most famous classical music pieces we know today. Originally composed to be performed by a castrato singer, Jonathan Bates has now arranged this timeless classic into a beautiful cornet solo that would feature well in both the concert hall and bandstand.
    Full score & parts: £17.95
    Direct Link - Click Here
    Please email us for a free copy of the soloists parts


    Red Dwarf (Theme From)
    By Howard Goodall (Section 3+)
    Over the years, Howard Goodall has provided the BBC and others with memorable themes for TV shows that have over time, become iconic in stature. The theme tune to ‘Red Dwarf’ is certainly no exception. The return of the programme with a new tenth series has been welcomed by millions and now, for the first time, the iconic theme tune has been arranged by Andi Cook for brass band. Perfect for use as an opener or general concert item, the arrangement also contains an optional cut to shorten the work if required for and entertainment contest programme. This new release is a must for all bands looking to give their concert programme a boost of energy and with the opening lyrics being – “it’s cold outside”, it fits the British way of life perfectly!
    Full score & parts: £20.95
    Direct Link - Click Here

    “Stars” (from ‘Les Misérables’) (Cornet Solo)

    By Claude-Michel Schönberg (Section 3+)
    This special arrangement by Andrew Cook was a commission by Rob Westacott to perform with the world famous Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band. The musical ‘Les Misérables’ is now in its 25th year and is the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] longest running show in Broadway history. The superb arrangement captures all the feelings of the original work and was given its debut performance at Parr Hall in Warrington on Saturday 27th March 2010. The work, arranged for one of the greatest cornet players, with one of the world’s greatest brass bands, is a must in any cornet soloist’s repertoire.
    Full score and parts: £20.95
    Direct Link - Click Here
    Please email us for a free copy of the soloists parts

    King Of The Road (Bass Trombone/Eb Bass Solo)
    By Roger Miller (Section 3+)
    If there was one song that would encapsulate the laid back, easy-going nature of the bass trombone player - this is it! Roger Miller’s classic 1964 song has now been skilfully arranged by Lee Rogers which can feature either the bass trombone or Eb Bass. The band parts also enjoy the laid back nature of the soloist with the melody featuring throughout different sections. Recorded by Dean Martin, The Proclaimers, Jerry Lee Lewis & countless other, this item is pure entertainment and just begs for the soloist to endure the “hobo” look as the song’s lyrics describes. A must for all bands.
    Full score & parts: £20.95
    Direct Link - Click Here
    Please email us for a free copy of the soloists parts

    Lovely Jubilee!
    Arranged By Gavin Somerset (Section 3+)
    Last year marked a year of celebration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Now with this special patriotic release, your band can to pay tribute to all that is great about Great Britain. There’s fun to be had with suggested choreography featured during “The British Grenadiers” and a salute to the “Men Of Harlech” (along with some other surprises!) before the gorgeous tune ‘Suo Gan’ takes the limelight. Of course, your audience will most likely join in the fun too, with music such as ‘Land Of Hope & Glory’ & ‘Rule Britannia!’ to finish, this item will surely leave your audiences on a patriotic high. This is the perfect item for concerts and contests, a must have in this year’s concert program.
    Full score & parts: £21.95
    Direct Link - Click Here

    For more details on these pieces and to see/hear these new releases as well as the rest of our catalogue, please visit our web-site at where you can order online or e-mail to, or ring us on 0785 251 9763
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