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    There is a new arrangement on my web site. It’s the 1st movement of Johann Christian Bach’s Symphony in D Major. I think it could make a good concert opener for proficient bands of perhaps 1st/2nd Section standard (there are a number of “top” D’s to cope with).

    The youngest of the Bach children really did move away from the Baroque tradition, and this symphony is a good example of the transition towards the Classical style.

    You can listen to the midi version of the music, and see/ print the full score. I will consider enquiries for the full set of band parts, but only from bands seriously intending to perform the work. The parts would be printed on good quality paper, accompanied by a printed copy of the score. Enquiries to my personal email address only, please (it’s on the web site).

    As usual, everything is FREE!

    Final notice: this is the last of my compositions/arrangements to be promoted via TMP web site.

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    I should have added that the 2nd and 3rd movements may follow. In fact, the 2nd movement is already on the web site.
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