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  1. tubafran

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    I've been asked to track down some new music to play - but I've only been given titles no arrangers or publishers - if you've played any of these or know the arrangers/publishers it would be appreciated.

    Airforce 1 (film theme - Zimmerman)
    Can't stop loving you - (Phil Colins)
    You'll be in my Heart - (Phil Colins from Tarzan)
    I want to be like you - (?trombone solo - from Jungle book - think thats Alan Fernie

    Any comments on these would also be appreciated
  2. GJG

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    Theme from "Air Force One": Composer is Jerry Goldsmith (not Zimmerman), Brass Band arrangement by Rodney Newton, published by Wright and Round.

    Sorry can't help you with any of the others.

  3. Will the Sec

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    Can't Stop Loving You is arranged by someone called van Kraeydonk, but frankly I wouldn't waste your money. This is an up tempo version of the 70's song sung by Leo Sayer (He may have written it too.) An arrangement in the style of the original would much better.

    You'll be in my Heart is a better prospect in that it is an original song for the film, and will be received by the public in the normal enthusiastic way. It is arranged by Klaas van der Woude.

    Both available from all good music suppliers, and some rubbish ones too.

    (Found them both on
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  4. tubafran

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    Thanks guys that's all sorted now - found the Jungle Book Bass Trom solo on Obrasso.
  5. tubafran

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    Sorry to bring up this old thread but has anyone played this piece? Didn't get it last time I asked but as we are doing a Film based Festival in the summer might be one for our programme.

    Is it a piece that sounds good even if you don't know the movie?
  6. Will the Sec

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    It was a first in that it was the first Disney signature theme that was not directly related to dialogue or "sung" by the characters.

    In that context, it should work in its own right, as long as the arrangement features the pounding drum parts typifying Collins' work, and the counter melodies at the final round of choruses are well orchestrated.